Celebrating Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel’s Feast Day With Kids

The feast of Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel is coming up on July 16. We have been having a blast here learning new Mary feast days and stories, but we can’t forget this well known Mary apparition as well! This particular feast day is super awesome because it includes Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel, St. Simon Stock, and also the sacramental of scapulars! You can find more fun July feast days to celebrate here. For now let’s dive into celebrating Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel’s feast day with kids

Story In A Nutshell

Our Lady appeared to St. Simon on Mount Carmel and handed the brown woolen scapular to him. Wearing the scapular comes with many promises from Our Lady, and some Catholics choose to wear it all the time.

There is a free YouTube video on Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel for kids here.


Understanding The Scapular

If you want to learn about the devotion of the scapular, watch this awesome video from Heather at A Catholic Mom’s Life. She does a great job of explaining it, and she has a second video about enrolling in the scapular.


Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Coloring Pages

I have a great round up of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coloirng pages here. These are so great because your kids learn to recognize this image of Our Lady, and it’s also like the world’s easiest activity for moms to pull off ever!

Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Dessert Ideas

This feast day lends itself to so many delicious snack ideas! First of all, there are so many adorable edible scapular ideas that are totally easy to put together, and then also anything with caramel goes for this special feast day!

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I have directions for making you very own candy scapular and using to top an Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel ice cream sundae! Sure to be loved by kids of every age.

Check up my round up of Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel dessert ideas here. 

Scapular Crafts For Kids

Whether you’re looking to make a fun wall hanging, a felt doll of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, or even if you want to sew your own real scapulars… this post of scapular crafts for kids has it all! 

Free How To Draw Videos!!!

I also have a how to draw a scapular video for kids that is totally free! You can watch it here.

I also have a video on how to draw your own Marian symbol, so if you’re trying to put that on any of the scapular stuff you’re working on, it might help you out!

You can find more Saint feast days and fun ways to living the liturgical year in July here.