Doubting Thomas Story (Crafts And Activities For Kids)

Teaching your kids the stories of the Gospels is so important, and I always find that kids learn the best when I make it fun and relevant for them to reach them on their own level! This Sunday’s Gospel is the story of “doubting Thomas” when he says he will not believe until he sees Jesus himself and feels the nail holes in his hands. St. Thomas’s feast day is July 3, and you can find all my posts about living liturgically in July here. Now let’s check it out- crafts and activities for the story of doubting Thomas.

For this time while many of us can’t attend Mass, be sure to check out all of my weekly Mass resources for kids. There are so many great resources in that post including ideas for spiritual communion, sending your angel to Mass for you, and resources that update weekly! 

First off, read the story to your kids from you children’s bible. It’s always good to start with a version of the story that they can understand. 

Or try watching this adorable video about St. Thomas from Saddleback Kids!


Doubting Thomas- A Station Of Light

This biblical event is a station of light, or station of the resurrection! These are the counterpart of the stations of the cross, and they go through all the events that happen from the time Jesus rises from the dead until the Holy Spirit comes down upon the apostles on Pentecost. I highly suggest praying through the stations of the resurrection with kids in the same way as you would with the stations of the cross. You can find my resources for the stations of the resurrection here along with a link to these printable cards which are totally free!

Doubting Thomas Printables For Kids

Let’s start with a list of some free printables based on type.

This printable doubting Thomas craft from Bible Craft Club is free and absolutely adorable! Love it! 

Why not try some handprint art?! Here is some inspiration from my handprint book for kids, Holy Week In Handprints.

Here is another doubting Thomas craft for kids from Growing Kids In Grace.

Thomas The Believer

Thomas really gets a bad rep by being called “doubting Thomas” when really, he did believe! Jesus said blessed are those who see and believe, but blessed more are those who don’t see and still believe. So guess what? We are all believers who believe without seeing! Which is awesome. So what better time to look towards the creed and remember what we believe as Christians?

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Check out this printable notebooking activity based on the Nicene Creed from Look To Him And Be Radiant.

I also have the Apostle’s Creed fill in page in my printable pack Learning Our Prayers The “Write” Way.

Try checking out this song from the Newsboys, We Believe!


The Nail Holes In Jesus’ Hands

Probably the most memorable part of the story is that Thomas wants to feel the nail holes in Jesus’ hands before believing. Check out these crafts and activities that focus on the nail holes in Jesus’ hands.

At our Easter tea party with symbolic food, I like to serve doughnuts to represent this story. The holes in the doughnuts are representative of the nail holes in Jesus’ hands. Any food with a hole in it will do such as those flower shaped cookies, bagels, peach ring candy, or even onion rings.

Also, I have served sandwiches before that were cut out with a hand shaped cookie cutter and had a heart cut in the top. Let the jelly of your sandwiches show through. 

“My Lord And My God”

This is quite a statement from this faithful believer! As Catholics, when we take communion, we say this phrase “My Lord and my God” to ourselves, and it is straight from the mouth of Thomas! 

In my printable resurrection set for kids, Thomas is included, and he has this phrase right on him. For these printable peg doll sets you print the bodies, decoupage them on, and all you have to paint is the heads.

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More Mass Resources For Kids!!!

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