All Saints’ Day Party Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year again, time to plan your All Saints’ Day party! I rounded up all of my Saint crafts, food ideas, costume tutorials, printables, and more in one place- this page! Be sure to save this link! 😉

 the ultimate all saints day list

Saint Costumes for Kids

Are you into making your own Saint costumes? I have lots of ideas for easy, no sew Saint costumes. Here are the 3 ultimate guides to making All Saints’ day costumes:

Saint Costume Ideas for Girls (50+ costume ideas)

Saint Costume Ideas for Boys  (again, a huge list of costume ideas)

Group Costume Ideas (a list of Saints who go together so siblings or friends can coordinate costumes)

If you are throwing an All Saints’ Day party, I would recommend emailing these costume links to your friends that you invite. That way, no one freaks out and doesn’t attend because they’re worried about a costume.

Specific Saint costume how-to’s:

Starting to see a theme here? E-A-S-Y. That’s my favorite. 😉

Also, check out my article, Do All Saints’ Day and Trick-or-Treating go together?

Fun And Easy Saint-O-Lanterns

how to make this Saint pumpkin

No artistic skill needed to complete these!

All Saints’ Day Party Food Ideas

Happy Saints Cupcake toppers

Saint food labels– place these labels on easy party snacks, and they are instantly transformed into Saint fun!

All Saints’ Day Tea Party Ideas

all saints day tea party ideas for all saints day

Saint cookie ideas

Saint Craft Ideas for Kids

Check out this easy printable Saint craft! My kids love crafting and playing with these little guys! They are available to print in either black and white (so you can color them yourself) or in beautiful watercolor- your choice!

catholic icing's abc saints

Saint Paper Bag Puppets templates to make virtually every Saint you can think of!

What better time to start your Saint peg doll collection! My printable peg dolls decoupage on to keep effort to a minimum. 😉 And you can find all of my resources for Saint peg dolls here.

printable peg dolls for decopage

Make a paper doll chain of Saints

fun saint craft for catholic kids

Saint Craft (The Saints are in Heaven with Jesus)

Paper Bag Nun Puppets (And St. Patrick and St. Valentine)

Craft Saint medals with kids– so fun and easier than you think!

craft saint medals with kids

Also, check out my printable Advent Saints pack. It might have some little Saints you don’t find in the alphabet pack, such as St. Francis (and his nativity set is optional!)



Round up of cute saint crafts including spoon Saints

Mary, Queen of the Saints craft- Stained glass craft and handprint/footprint craft.

All Saints’ Day Party Game Ideas

Here’s a round-up of easy Saint game ideas, including this game- canonize the Saints ring toss (complete with glow stick halo)!

Another version of “Canonize the Saints” using 18 inch dolls

all saints day canonize the saints game

Make Saint-Themed guessing jars!

all saints day guessing jars

Make an All Saints’ Day Treat Bucket

You know- your kids are going to need a way to carry their candy and prizes. This All Saints’ day treat bucket is easy to make from an ordinary sand bucket. You can also see how to make Angel Treat Bags here.

Saint Information Page

Have children of all ages fill in information about their saint. Easy, fun, and they just might learn something. 😉 Find the printable Saint page here.

printable saint report information page for kids

Also, try making a litany of family Saints!

family litany of saints printable

More All Saints Day Resources:

For even more ideas, you can check out my All Saints Day link-up and also my Saints and Angels pinboard on Pinterest.

Find a directory of Catholic crafts and ideas by individual Saint at my Alphabetical Saint Gallery!


  1. I used your Alphabet Saints in a new creative way for our All Saints Day party. They are quite lovely!

    • AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh! They are SO CUTE!!!!! Great thinking! 🙂

      • My kids love the D by the way. They wished there were more like Saint Denis my two year old who cant speak kept pointing at his head and nodding he understood. Funny Catholic kids…a different way if seeing things. They love stories of saints.

  2. Lexie Robinson says

    These things are SO cute! Thanks for sharing.

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