Advent Saints Craft- Printable Ornaments For Catholic Kids

This Advent, keep your kids focused on the true meaning of the season by celebrating Saint feast days! These Advent Saint ornaments last through the whole Advent season, straight through Christmas and the Epiphany!

This set of Advent Saint ornaments will help your kids celebrate Saint feast days through Advent, and keep the season focused on the true meaning… Christ! This is an instant download, so you can order now and start making yours right away! 

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These are Advent Saint ornaments that you can download, print, and assemble yourself! The download includes all the Saints in both black and white (so you can color them yourself) or already in full color with watercolor paints (so you don’t have to color them if you don’t want to). You choose what you print! πŸ™‚

advent saint ornament craft

This project was a joint effort! I commissioned my sister-in-law to draw these, and I painted them with watercolors. Aren’t they great? This is what happens when you hire a former engineer to draw coloring pages. πŸ˜‰

3 kings printable craft

By the way, the 3 kings spin in a way that it changes their clothes and head as they turn around. My kids love this one!

3 kings spinning ornament craft printable

This is not a craft for preschoolers. I also have several of these Saints available in my alphabet Saint collection that are much easier for little hands, so direct your little ones that way.

advent saints printable craft

This is a good craft for children ages 6+. Parents will probably have to help with some cutting and assembling. It takes about 20 minutes to cut and assemble these little guys- you choose how much time you want to spend coloring them. πŸ™‚

san juan diego craft for catholic kids

These little guys have legs that dangle down like the dinger of a bell. They’re specially designed to hand from the same string your ornament hangs from to make it easier for you.

What’s great about this craft is that it lasts the length of Advent! Just do the Saints one at a time, and hang your adorable ornaments.

santa lucia and star boy printable ornament

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These were specially designed for one-sided printing, so no feeding paper through the printer more than once! Yay!

The following Saints are included in this pack: (you can click some of these to see more pictures, ideas for embellishing, and the process of assembling)

  • St. Nicholas
  • St. Lucy (Lucia)
  • Star Boy (a tradition in Sweden that goes with St. Lucy)
  • St. Juan Diego
  • Our Lady Of Guadalupe
  • St. Francis (with a nativity)
  • St. Anne (for Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception feast day)
  • St. Barbara
  • St. Andrew (with his Christmas novena)
  • St. John of the Cross
  • 3 Kings
  • The Holy Family in a manger

This set of Saints was specially chosen to be a companion to my The Advent Christmas Planner, so if you’re wondering why these certain Saints were chosen, that’s why. πŸ™‚

You can purchase all 12 Advent Saints now in black and white AND in full color for just $12! Grab your download here. When you purchase, you will be sent an email with the download. The link expires after 5 attempts, so save this to your own computer! You won’t be able to access the file more than 5 times. Also, you probably can’t open this on your phone, so don’t click it from there 5 times in a row. If you have trouble, email 

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printable advent saint ornaments craft

Because my readers are so amazing and so honest, I get a lot of emails wondering how they’re allowed to use my downloads. I just got an email from a mom who wanted to use this download with her kindergarten class at a Catholic school, with her own kids, and at a Little Flowers meeting. She wanted to know how many times she needed to purchase the download. The answer? Just one time! My rule of thumb is, if they’re coming out of your own printer and you’re there when the kids are making them, you’re in the clear. If you start emailing the file to your friends/whoever to print and do when you’re not around, that’s what I ask you not to do. Each family needs to purchase their own download. Thanks for understanding. πŸ™‚

st. francis nativity craft

If you don’t put their legs on, they can stand up on the table like so. Someone on Facebook already pointed out that they would be adorable around an Advent wreath, and I think she’s right!

saint nicholas craft

For the feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, we basically made my coloring page into a 3 D ornament craft. I love how little Mary is actually inside of St. Anne’s tummy! I cannot tell you how charmed my children were with this detail. πŸ™‚

immaculate conception coloring page craft

You and your children are sure to be charmed by the details of these adorable Advent Saints.

printable nativity craft for kids

I hope they bless the homes of every family that takes them in this season. Thank you, Catholic Icing readers, for being such loyal and dedicated supporters of this site. It is your dedication that makes it possible for me to put this kind of time, energy, and resources into projects like this. I love having these resources available for my kids, too, and I couldn’t do it without you. <3

The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

Need help identifying each person in the set? Here is a labeled picture of each ornament:
Advent Saints Ornaments (Labeled)


  1. Tracy Bua Smith says

    Oh these are beautiful and so fun! Great team work! Thanks Lacy! Happy Thanksgiving and soon to be Advent!

  2. I love these. They would be a great addition to our Jesse-let’s celebrate Advent tree in my classroom!

  3. I LOVE it!! Lacy, you have done such a fantastic job with all you do and all that you share for free and low cost! I am in my 2nd year co teaching K/1st CCD/PSR and am bringing the craft ideas from you to work with the kids. They seem to like them as do my own(I have a 6 and 7 yr old). I love that your SIL and you have brought such great saints in this and the ABC Saints(we are currently working on those—Love that I can use the colored ones as an example). We have many collecting TP rolls for us and we will be using them for sure! πŸ™‚ I am starting my own kids at home on the Catholic ABC’s starting in January and expanding on our saints knowledge. Thank You so very much for all you do!

  4. so cute! I am telling my crafty teenager to make me a set as a christmas gift! πŸ™‚ should they be on cardstock for durability? Or will that interfere with foldability?

  5. I LOVE these! I can’t wait for my first graders to study one saint for each day we are in school in December. Each student will create and write a few sentences about the saint. The collection will then be their gift to their family for Christmas. THANK YOU!

  6. Annette LΓ³pez says

    Oh my, these are so beautiful! Can’t wait to make these with my littles and my nephews. Thank you so much for sharing these. May god continue to bless you and your family.

  7. These are absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to make a sample set myself before Sunday school class! Thank you for your lovely website and all the brilliant ideas!

  8. Will you be adding these to your Teachers Pay Teachers store?

    • My long-term plan is to have everything over there, but I don’t know exactly when I’ll have time to do it.

  9. Could I laminate the pieces before assembling so that the ornaments would last longer/year after year? My boys are on the preschooler young side, but thinking I’ll put these together on my own and just have them hang them on our tree. Also am considering just using your ABC Saints – can’t decide which would be best for hanging on the tree!

    • Yes, you could definitely laminate them for longevity. They will, of course, be harder to cut out when they are laminated, as everything is. You could use the Alphabet Saints for St. Nicholas, St. Lucy, and St. Ann. They’re not designed to be ornaments, but you could make it happens. Just depends on what you want to do.

  10. I see someone asked about cardstock above. Would these work on regular paper? I’m not sure I can afford that many reams of cardstock to do each saint times 20 first graders. Thanks-love your site!

    • Yes, they’re going to be best with cardstock. But you can get the big packs of cardstock at Wal-Mart pretty affordable, and you can always just pick and choose a few of them to do. You only need 1 piece of cardstock per Saint. I suppose you could print them onto regular paper, but they won’t be as sturdy.

  11. Lucy,
    You have outdone yourself. I can’t wait to do these with my Grandchildren!!!

  12. This is my FIRST attempt at a Catholic Icing craft, which is shameful, but better late than never!

    I ordered this kit and used it for my third grade CCE class last night. They were oooohing and aaaaaahing when I showed them the finished product (on my phone) and it was the perfect activity. Not *too* messy, although we did have some glue challenges – I tried having them use glue sticks, which was a total waste of time. We each made a St. Nicholas and it occupied about 30 minutes of class time. I showed them the Three Wise Men ornament and told them we would be doing that at our Christmas party and they were very excited. The directions in the ebook are very clear and I like that this doesn’t really require exotic materials. Thanks for all the hard work that went into putting this kit together – really glad I ordered!

    • Lol! Ya, there’s no way you’re going to be able to put them together with glue sticks. I think I recommended a combination of glue dots and tape in the ebook. So glad to hear it turned out and everyone enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks, Lacy! πŸ™‚ What awesome work you’re doing. I feel proud to say “I knew her when…!” πŸ™‚ Let me say how happy I am for a craft that doesn’t require a trip to the craft store… considering how far I live from the craft store now. (Lovettsville!)

  14. Help Lacy! We are making the St. Nicholas right now and I’m not sure how to string it. Where do I punch a hole? Or do I just glue the string onto his hat? The pictures are sooo cute, btw!

  15. I can’t get the glue to stick if I laminate them. What type of glue would work best?

    • If you laminate them, I’m pretty sure glue dots and tape would still work. Hot glue would be another good choice as long as children aren’t assembling them.

  16. So love these! They are perfect for the Advent program I am planning next week!


  17. I love these too. I am a DRE at my parish and, although I purchased the download at home, it’s in the parish office that I really need to open it to be able to print out on a color printer. How can I do that legally?



    • There isn’t really a problem with purchasing it at home and printing it at work. So, I would recommend doing something like downloading and saving it at home and then putting it on my USB memory stick to take it to work. Or, you could just forward yourself the email that had the link in it to your work email, if you have different email accounts.

      – Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  18. Love these! I’ve had my eye on them for a couple of years, and this year is the year! Going to work on them through Advent with my Sunday school class and attach them to a wire coat hanger like a mobile for them to take home on the last Sunday.

  19. I have purchased your Advent Saints packet. I’m a little confused, though, in preparing for St Francis’ feast day tomorrow, I couldn’t find him in the packet. Would it be the one holding the Nativity? Wouldn’t that be St Francis of Assisi who introduced the Nativity? But isn’t his feast day is 10/4? And 12/3 is feast day of St Francis Xavier the great missionary? Or would he be the one holding the cross, or is that St John of the Cross? Please clarify. Thank you.

    • I am also confused about when to use the St. Francis Ornament… I know he is the one who basically started the “nativity scene” as we know it, but is there a specific time to celebrate that?

      Also, Can I recommend adding the name and feast day on the pages in the document? It’s really difficult to know who is who and it would take a step away if the dates were already there (I wasn’t sure about St. Barbara for example)… THANKS πŸ™‚

      • Hi Jen –

        Feel free to talk about St. Francis of Assisi starting the tradition of the Nativity scene at whatever time you would like during Advent. Since Saint Francis’ feast day is not during December, there isn’t a specific recommended date for that.

        I hope that helps!

        Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  20. Is there a pattern for the 3 Kings ornament?


    • The three kings ornament/pattern is available as part of this set that’s available to purchase.

      – Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  21. Mollie Callahan says

    Do you need toilet paper tubes to provide support for these ornaments?

  22. My kids are doing this craft now as the extended family chats after thanksgiving dinner. It’s perfect! Is it possible to add names of the saints? I am actually having trouble identifying the saints!