Mini Saint Information Fill-in Page for Children

This is a printable page I made that even small children can use to fill out basic information about any saint. You could also call this a Saint notebooking page or a Saint writing prompt. We called ours a mini-Saint report. 

printable saint report information page for kids

Basically, you can print the blank page, and the student fills in the information on whatever saint they need to.

Child Fills In:

  • The Saint’s name
  • What he or she is the patron or patroness of
  • What his or her feast day is
  • Color the map where the Saint was born, where they lived, etc.
  • Fill in interesting facts
  • Draw or cut and paste a picture of the Saint in the frame

patron saint report notebooking printable 3

These should be useful for use in religious ed classes, Catholic schools, All Saints’ Day… really for anyone teaching Catholic children. We have used it as a part of our First Communion Journal.

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There are two pages. One says “All About Saint” at the top, and the other version says “My Patron Saint” at the top. You can download both and use them with your own kids or even print enough for your religious education class.

Purchase the Saint report printables here:

printable saint page for catholic kids

You may not re-publish, share, or use these pages for financial gain in any way. When you purchase them, you are purchasing them for your own educational use for your own children, classroom, or religious ed program. Thank you for understanding. Reproducibles like these help cover the cost of running this resource site.


  1. What good timing! We’ll definitely use this for our All Saints Day activities in our religious ed classes.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for the All Saints’ Day Saint Research sheet. It was perfect for my needs, and my children actually understood what to do! It was great for my struggling learners and my learners who need an extra challenge. I posted it on my blog, so hopefully you get a few more sold 😀

  3. I think Orthodox Christian families will appreciate this resource too. 🙂

  4. This is perfect for the project I want the kids to do. Thanks for all that you do, Lacy! God bless you and your family. Take care!