Making A Family Litany of Saints With Catholic Kids- Printable!

I made a printable page so you and your kids can easily fill in a litany of Saints for your own family! This page is a part of Lydia’s First Holy Communion Notebook. Here’s how ours turned out:

family litany of saints printable

*NOTE* In the printable version supplied here, the banner is a black and white outline- it is not in color. This makes it more printer friendly. Here’s what it looks like:

printable family litany of saints

This can be a fun thing to add to family prayer time, bedtime prayers, the end of a family rosary, etc.

You put your family name in at the top, then fill in with everyone’s patron Saints.

When filling in your patron Saints, tell your kids to think about:

  • What Saints your family members share names with (first and middle)
  • For confirmed members of the family, their confirmation Saint names
  • Who’s feast day falls on your birthday?
  • If your family has an annual patron Saint like ours does, include them also! 🙂

We included Mark’s confirmation Saint (Joseph), my confirmation Saint (Cecilia), then each of the children’s name Saints, followed by our patron Saint of the year. Last year’s Saint for our family was St. Michael (since my husband was becoming a police officer) and this year is Elizabeth Ann Seton. (We just chose this year’s Saint yesterday, so you can still choose one if you want. It’s not too late.) 😉

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    • The link is there, even if it doesn’t look like a link. Try using “control f” to find the words “subscriber bonus” and click on it.

  2. Hi Lacy… thank you for all you do! I also can not find the link on the bottom of the e-mail.
    I know I’ve found the link in the past on my e-mails and used that link.
    Again, thank you for all the great ideas!