All Saints Day Trunk or Treating Ideas

Last year our church decided to do an “All Saints Day Trunk or Treating” and it was so much fun! I wanted to share some ideas with you. Most of these ideas would also work for any All Saints Day party. You can find all of my All Saints’ Day resources for kids here.

all saints day trunk or treating ideas from catholic icing

Also, you should totally check out my All Saints’ Day food labels! This is the perfect All Saints’ Day party printable as it turns everyday kid snacks into symbols of the Saints, making celebrating a breeze for mom!

For anyone who doesn’t know what “trunk-or-treating” is, it’s basically like trick-or-treating, but it happens in a parking lot. Each car sets up a “station” for the kids to come and get candy in the back of their vehicle. I usually see this happen at churches. This makes things pretty safe and easy for kids.

First of all, if you’re thinking it’s too late to plan something like this, think again- our church pulled it together just a few weeks before the big day, and we had such an excellent turn-out, especially from our Hispanic community. It was awesome!

Check out some of these ideas for decorating your car for All Saints’ Day trunk or treating.

Divine Mercy trunk-or-treating decoration

divine mercy trunk or treating idea

Rosary themed trunk-or-treat decor

all saints day trunk or treating car pictures

Lamb of God themed trunk-or-treat decor

all saints day decoraing ideas for trunk or treating


all souls day trunk or treating ideas


catholic trunk or treating ideas



And just for fun, check out some of these awesome Saint costumes! (Also, check out my Saint costume ideas for girls and my Saint costume ideas for boys!) 😉

St. Jude and Divine Mercy Jesus costumes

st jude and divine mercy jesus costume ideas

St. Therese


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all saints day party ideas

And they decorated our picnic shelter like “heaven” and this is where we played some group games and the kids got to bust open a pinata. Very fun!

heaven at all saints day party

For my van, we had a “Canonize the Saints” game in the back. I used our knock-off American Girl dolls and dressed them up like Saints for the ring toss. It’s funny because the ring is supposed to be a halo- hence the “canonization” part.

all saints day american girl dolls

I raided the doll clothes drawer to see what I could make work. The first is Blessed Imelda- Lydia got the First Communion dress for her doll as a First Communion present. The second doll is St. Rita- the nun outfit was another First Communion present for Lydia- these both worked out perfectly. The third little guy is St. John Henry Newman. I think he’s wearing a Little Red Riding hood cape that we had… I know he’s wearing Julian’s zucchetto we made a few years back- I just trimmed it a little smaller with some scissors. 🙂

I just dressed the dolls up, then duct taped their feet to a giant rubbermaid tub lid to get them to stand up. I am lucky enough to have stow and go seating in our mini-van, so after we got there, I just folded the seats into the floor, leaving ample space inside for the ring toss. (I did, however, wish I had taken the time to vacuum the van once I got there- something to consider.) It would have possibly also been nice to have a table cloth or sheet to drape around their feet and out the back of the van to look nicer.

I used glow necklaces for the rings because it really makes them seem like halos then. I got these at the Dollar Tree. 🙂

halo glow sticks

The ring toss was fun! I just let each of the kids try 3 times, then I gave them some candy whether or not they were successful in their toss. It was a hit!

all saints day canonize the saints game

And because I’ve been recently accused of never posting pictures of myself here, here’s one with me and Lydia.

fun on all saints day with kids

My kids went in pairs of Saints who go together last year. Lydia was St. Cecilia, and Anabelle was the angel that crowned her with roses and lilies.

kids 7

Violet was Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Julian was St. Juan Diego.

kids 2

This picture of the 4 of them together melts my heart!

all saints day costumes for kids


Check out my All Saints’ Day Resource Page here.



  1. GREAT IDEA!! GREAT WAY to get families involved instead of a couple people having to plan and decorate their parish hall. ❤️ this !

  2. Awesome fun! I’m planning our annual ASD party which will be a potluck with our homeschool families on Sunday, Nov. 1.

  3. I would love to get some tips on organizing something like this for our church. I want to ask you specific questions but I don’t even know where to begin.

  4. Love Catholic Icing! Where did you purchase the doll outfits? Thank you!

  5. I used your idea for our parish’s trunk-or-treat. We are the only trunk that has Catholic-theme, and got lots of compliments. I referred them to your website! We used paper towel rolls as our body dolls, and my 11-yr old clothed them with felt and decorated with other necessary props. We had Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Francis, St Peter and St Therese. We used pipe cleaners as the halos. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. “Mrs. Rabideau” and “Catholic Icing” are common terms in our household. Once in a while one of my kids would say, “Mom, check Mrs. Rabideau’s website, she may have some ideas there!”