Easy Game For All Saints’ Day- Saint Themed Guessing Jars

I just wanted to share a fun All Saints’ Day game that’s great for the last minute- Saint themed guessing jars! These are great because all you need are free printable labels, candy, and old spaghetti sauce or jelly jars. 😉

Updated To Say

I have now updated the Saint food labels to be shaped like the adorable Saints they symbolize! These little guys will be absolutely adorable wrapped around your Saint guessing jars. Grab your download here!

This idea came from Catholic Inspired, and she’s got tons of great printables for the jars, and for people to guess on. I actually ended up using the same labels that I use for my Saintly food treats, but between my printables and hers, hopefully you can find some things you can easily put your hands on that will work. Here are her “keeping count” printables.

saint guessing jars 2

The idea is that whoever guesses closest to the number in the jar without going over wins. Basic The-Price-Is-Right rules. 😉 What do you win, you ask? Well, the jar of candy of course! The most time-consuming part of this is counting the candy. Enlist your children to be your helpers, and write the number on the inside of the lid so you don’t forget it.

saint guessing jars 3

In my jars:

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  • St. Nicholas Treats = peppermints (I would have preferred to have tiny candy canes, but, you know…)
  • St. James’ Fish = goldfish crackers (sweetish candy fish would have made a better “prize” for whoever won)
  • St. Ambrose’s Honey-Tongued Treats = bit-o-honey candies
  • Saintly Halos = peach rings
  • St. Isidore’s Pumpkin Patch = candy corn

saint guessing jars 1

You can attach the labels to the jars with tape or even hot glue. I think I used double sticky tape.

I love bringing candy into the All Saints’ Day celebrating since the rest of the USA is obsessed with candy this time of year, and you know, kids just love the stuff. 🙂

**By the Way** My annual All Saint’s Day costume contest is coming soon! It will be hosted on my facebook page- get your pictures ready! 🙂

Check out my All Saints’ Day Resource Page here.



  1. Oh I absolutely love that game! Very clever 🙂