All Saints’ Day Goody Bags (Perfect For Social Distancing)

All Saints’ Day is one of our favorite days to celebrate when living the liturgical year at home, but like many things this year, COVID 19 has changed the face of what our celebrating is going to look like. In lieu of church carnivals and celebrations this year, my family has opted for an at home All Saints’ Day tea party, and some printable All Saints’ Day games. But how can we celebrate and share this day with others? Well, we have decided to make and hand out these All Saints’ Day goody bags!


These are perfect for social distancing and can be used in the following ways:

  • Leave on the doorstep of friends, family, or neighbors
  • Give out to your RE class kids (mailed or in person)

I’ve seen a lot of these type of activities this year during quarantine such as leaving Easter baskets on porches saying “You’ve Been Egged” and I’ve seen a popular Halloween version saying to “Boo” your neighbor. I thought this would be an excellent way to…

  1. Spread the faith
  2. Evangelize to those that know nothing of All Saints’ Day
  3. Teach a few facts about the Saints to those you bless with some candy
  4. Have fun this All Saints’ Day spreading the joy of the Saints!

The Symbolic Saint Trail Mix “Recipe”

For the actual bags, I chose things that are easy to find to mix your own Saint trail mix. I am going to provide some healthier alternatives in this list, but just to go ahead and defend myself (lol) I did mean for my bags to be heavy on candy. These are somewhat of a Halloween alternative for us, and given that candy is so engrained in the celebration of that holiday, that’s what I included in ours. 

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Mix together:

  • Saintly Halos- Peach rings OR anything ring shaped such as cheerios.
  • Crawly Treats- We used gummy worms and frogs. You could alternatively use Annie’s organic bees bugs and butterflies fruit snacks.
  • Fish- Swedish fish or goldfish crackers (these can be purchased in whole grain)
  • Pumpkins- Ours has pumpkin shaped candy corns, but for a healthier option you could include toasted pumpkin seeds. 
  • St. Francis’ Friends- Animal crackers of course! There’s a whole grain organic version here.
  • Firewood- just some simple pretzel sticks! We were out so I used some little bread sticks in our bags, but pretzel sticks would have been much cuter.

To make a healthier trail mix, you can also adjust the candy ratio as much as you want to include only a little bit of the candy. Or they can actually have none at all. 

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I have printable labels for these bags, and on the backs explanations for all of the Saint symbols are included.

All you do is cut out the labels (they print 2 per page), fold them in half on the line, and then staple them to the top of your filled sandwich baggie. So easy! There are colorful Saints across the front of the labels holding the signs for their own symbol that’s in the bag. 

The bag toppers are in my Saint food labels download, and you can get your set here in the Catholic Icing shop!

You can find all of my resources for celebrating All Saints’ Day with your kids here.


  1. Dorothy Nixon says

    I love the All Saints Day goodie bag! I like to give out some kind of goodie pack with a Christian message to “trick-or-treaters” and this is ideal – also for neighbours.
    I used a similar pack you had for Easter and it was really popular talking pint in the street.