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I’m very excited about All Saint’s Day this year, and I think it’s agreat time to have a big party for kids! If you’re having an AllSaint’s Day party this year, here are some game ideas I’ve seen aroundthe internet from some very creative Catholic moms!

Ring Toss: “Canonize the Saint”
This is a basic ring toss game where you ‘canonize’ the saint by tossing a halo over them. In my version below we used small saint statues and those glow bracelets or glow necklaces (which are available everywhere around Halloween). Be sure to attach your statues to the floor or a piece of poster board to keep them from tipping over. You could also use pictures of the saints taped to 2 liter bottles.

Another variation of this is “Crown Mary“. At Blair’s Blessings, they used their light up Mary from their nativity set and some embroidery hoops. You could also use your Mary statue from you garden!

Tossing Game: St. Therese’s Shower of Roses Game
The object of the game is to toss roses to St. Therese. The version below comes from Blair’s Blessings. You can find more versions of this game using basket ball hoops here and here.

Pin The Halo on the Saint:
You can pin a halo on any saint! Here are some variations from Under Her Starry Mantle– Pin the Shamrock on St. Patrick and Pin the Habbit on St. Theresa!

St. Cecilia’s Musical Chairs:
You can play this like regular musical chairs using the song “When the Saints go Marching In”. Under Her Starry Mantle has a Christian Martyrs Musical Chairs game. You can also label the chairs with different saints (having enough chairs for everyone) and then draw a holy card to see who is “out”. (Picture below from 6 Hands 2 Hold). You can use this same concept for a Saint Cake Walk.

Educational Saint Games: Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could have fun playing games and learning about the saints at the same time? Well, they can! Memories of a Catholic Wife and Mother posted a Practice the Virtues of the Saints Game (for example, feed the hungry like St. Elizabeth, filling a basket with bread). Under Her Starry Mantle also has a Saint and Symbols Relay Game, and a Patron Saint Match Relay Game.

Hope y’all found some fun game ideas for your All Saints’ Day parties! I know I have 🙂


  1. We always have a party on All Saints! We also play 'Saint' Freeze tag…you have to crouch down and say the name of a Saint, before being tagged…no repeating names by the same person! We also have a 'mini parade' singing "When the Saints'. We also do Saint Charades, in teams. Happy Feast to you all! Mary L.

  2. Hermit Mama says

    What great ideas! I wish I had found your blog last year when I was teaching CCD.

  3. I hope you can respond to this soon. We had our All Saints Party last week and it was so overwhelming. Some games were set up for the children, there were pumpkin carving and pumpkin dessert contests, but it was so loud and in disarray. It started at 7pm and lasted until 9:30. The first hour and a half the children just played the games, ran around and ate. It was held inside an auditorium. Then they had a short procession and gave out some candy. Then announced the winners and I couldn't even hear the person talking.

    Can you post something that goes into specific detail on how you conduct your party? I know there is a better way to do this and I feel called to change it. We preach and show order in our homes and school life and then these parties are a mess. Please help! Thank you in advance!

  4. We do an All Saint's Day Party every year for primary children and these are our activities…
    *Pin the Halo on the Saint (just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey)
    *Sin No More: We write sins (such as stealing, lying, etc) on plastic bowling pins and then the kids have to knock out the sins.
    *Angel Food Cupcake Walk: We have pictures of 12 saints and children pick as saint to stand beside. Then we pick a saint name out of a hat and whoever is by that picture wins a cupcake. We've also done it with music, kind of like musical chairs where the kids walk around the pictures and stop at a saint when the music stops.
    *Heavenly Chairs (Musical Chairs)
    *Fishing to Be a Saint: We decorate an area with blue plastic table clothes with white clouds taped on and they 'fish' in heaven and receive little prizes such as rosaries, holy cards, medals, saint cards, etc.
    *Saint in the Making: We take a photo of each child standing in front of a 'heavenly' background and then for a craft, the kids decorate picture frames for their photo.
    *We also have a video playing about a saint as well as a colouring sheet with many different saints on it.
    We let the students go to which ever station they want and we usually give them glow stick bracelets as their 'halos.' We've also had them dress up as their favourite saint and wear nametags of which saint they are so everyone knows. Lots of fun :o)

  5. Hello Everyone, We just went to an all Saints Day Party and some of my family does not think it was very fun because their were so many people and not enough time to talk to them all. My mom wants to start our own party and invite only our close friends. If we were to do this we would need to do a lot of arrangements. Can you think of any things in particular that we should try to have done there? Also do you have certain food or game ideas that wouldn’t be to hard to put together? I think we should try to not do too many complicated things because I think we’ll be busy enough with other arrangements. Thank you very much. -Michelle

  6. What a great way to teach the kids about saints. However, I must comment on the saint ring toss. I don’t think it is appropriate to toss rings at saints.

  7. Hi. Where can I buy the sticks for the cupcakes? I am making a All Saint Party in Denmark. I think you’re Blok Is amazing. God Bless you and you’re fmaily. I hope you respond!


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