How To Celebrate All Saints’ Day At Home

I know that many parishes aren’t having the annual All Saints’ Day celebrations that they usually do out of safety concerns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun celebration at home! Today I want to share with you all of my best ideas for celebrating All Saints’ Day at home. I hope you find these ideas fun for kids, and stress free for mom! Not let’s take a look at how to celebrate All Saints’ Day at home.

All Saints’ Day Tea Party

I LOVE having tea parties with my kids because you basically pair tea with a meal that you didn’t even cook, and the word “party” automatically follows. No one questions the fact that it’s a party if you serve tea! The only other food I know that proclaims a party by simply existing is pizza. But I digress.

I fully recommend having an at home All Saints’ Day tea party this year. It can substitute as lunch or as dinner. You can see one of our All Saints’ Day tea parties here. If you pair this concept with my brand new printable Saint food labels, you can easily turn simple kid foods into Saint symbols AND have your table “decorated” for you at the same time. Win win. These printable Saints can also be used as a pre party craft. You can find your Saints food labels here.

All Saints’ Day Games For Home

For this year, why not print out some easy Saint games to be played at home? I have a whole round up of printable Saint games here including free printables for Guess Who, a Memory Game, Saint Bingo, and also some Saint themed word games. 

All Saints’ Day Books

I always read to my kids during tea parties, and it’s not too late to grab a good Saint book for the kids. I recently shared all my favorites here.


Including Others In Your Celebration

Why not make some All Saints’ Day symbolic goody bags to hand out to friends, family, neighbors, and students? I have a recipe for symbolic Saint trail mix and labels that explain each edible Saint symbol in the bag! This is a great way to include others and even evangelize without having large gatherings.

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Easy Saint Costumes

For anyone still looking for costume ideas, you can find my all inclusive Saint costume directory here.

However, if you’re not gathering with other families this year, you may lack the motivation for putting together elaborate costumes. For this year it would be particularly easy to check out my “I have a patron” printable Saint ribbons. You dress up as something that has a patron Saint, then print a free ribbon that proudly proclaims who your patron Saint is! This is a super easy way to learn about the Saints, and you probably already have something at home that will work for this.

Saint Crafts

Including crafts is always a fun way to celebrate and no matter how few people you have at home, making crafts is still fun! In fact, often crafts are more fun and less stressful the less people you have. Here are a few of my favorites:

Saint Coloring Pages

I mean is there any easier way to celebarte a feast day than printing some coloring pages? A classic activity! Here are some of my favorite free Saint coloring pages:

Saint Videos On YouTube

Ok I lied. There is an easier way to celebrate than printing coloring pages, and that is turning on free YouTube videos. Sara J Creations has a great round up of Saint videos on YouTube here.

All Souls Day

And let’s don’t forget All Souls Day, which is November 2. The entire month of November is dedicated to the deceased. My favorite way to observe this with my family is to set up pictures of our deceased loved ones on our home altar and pray for them. You can see how I do that here.

I hope these simple ideas and printables help your family enjoy this liturgical season at home this year! 

You can find all of my All Saints’ Day resources for families here.