Dogwood Flower Craft {To Go With the Legend of the Dogwood!}

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We’ve been working on some Dogwood flower crafts to go along with The Legend of the Dogwood Tree during this Easter season. Check out this dogwood flower cross craft! You can find all of my cross-crafts for kids here. Now let’s make this awesome dogwood flower craft!

Egg Carton Dogwood Flowers

These simple dogwood flowers were made out of cardboard egg carton cups by my 5 year old. (Note: I don’t think this craft will work with styrofoam egg cartons) Here’s how we did it:

Cut out an individual egg carton cup.

Shaping Egg Carton

Next, cut 4 slits down the corners of the cup:

Cut off the corners:

Shaping Egg Carton to Flowers

You can stop here, OR…

You can cut little notches in each petal:

Shaping Egg Carton to Flowers

Now it’s time to paint! Start by painting them white:

Prepping to Paint Egg Carton Flowers

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Then, touch the edges with a little pink paint, and paint the little circle inside the egg carton green. Here’s one I painted:

And here are some Lydia painted:

Painted Egg Carton Dogwood Flowers

We glued 3 popsicle sticks into a cross, and glued 6 of Lydia’s dogwood flowers into a cross:

Painted Egg Carton Dogwood Flower Cross

I cut up little pieces of green pipe cleaners and glued them in the middle of my dogwood flowers. I felt like this made them more “crown of thorn” like to go along with our Legend of the Dogwood story. I placed mine in a grapevine wreath.

Painted Egg Carton Dogwood Flower on Wreath

Don’t forget to read about the Legend of the Dogwood! 🙂

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  1. I was looking for a flower project for the May crowning, I might be able to use a pipe cleaner for a stem. The last two years I cut some swimming pool noodles (ones that had a flower shape from dollar tree) 1/2 in thick. Then for the middle hole I got a different color 1/2 in one and cut into 5 sections to place in hole and a pipe cleaner for the stem. Everyone loved them and we used them in our procession.

  2. oooh…I love this! and we always have a good stock of egg cartons on hand. Thanks!