Ideas For Celebrating Pentecost With Kids: Crafts, Activities, And More

Pentecost Sunday is around the corner, and those of us who like to celebrate the liturgical year at home, we are looking for ideas to celebrate Pentecost with our kids!

If you would like to learn a little more about Pentecost, why we celebrate, and what the different parts of the feast day are, I would highly suggest for you to read my post “How And Why To Celebrate Pentecost With Your Kids“. Once you’re all done devouring that post, come back here for some super fun and adorable Pentecost crafts and stuff. 😉

Gifts of the Holy Spirit printable mobile craft

Fruits of the Holy Spirit download for Catholic kids (all 12 fruits!!!)

Fruits of the Spirit Song For Catholic kids (again, all 12 fruits!)

Pentecost tongues of fire hat craft

pentecost craft for kids- tongue of fire hat

Pentecost “Sundaes” for Pentecost Sunday

pentecost sundaes

Make a cake- Pentecost is the “Birthday” of the church, after all!

This printable Pentecost peg doll is available in my Resurrection Peg Doll Set.

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My Pentecost notebooking page is free to print

Gifts of the Holy Spirit paper plate craft

gifts of the holy spirit craft 2

Holy Spirit hand-print craft

holy spirit handprint craft

Here’s some Pentecost Bible Journaling inspiration for you 🙂

You can also find a Pentecost song for kids here.

Even more Pentecost Resources For Families:

You can find all of my Holy Spirit teaching resources for kids here including the gifts of the spirit, the fruits of the spirit, celebrating Pentecost Sunday, dove crafts, and more!

You can find even more ideas on my Pentecost and Holy Spirit Pinterest board

Also, there is a whole string of moving feast days that follow Pentecost! You can find all the movable feasts that follow Pentecost here.


  1. Great ideas, as usual!

    It was wonderful meeting you at the conference this past weekend. Meant to stop back by and say good-bye, but little Miss Marciana had different plans. Hope you had a great trip back home!

  2. Catholic Child says

    Great resources Lacy! We have a FREE printable for the lyrics to “Come, Holy Ghost” you may want to share.