Celebrate “Día de la Cruz” With Kids- Cross Craft Ideas

May 3 is the day that St. Helen discovered the location of the true cross! This day is celebrated in Latin America as “Día de la Cruz” or “The Day of the Cross” in English. I think celebrating this feast day is a great way to keep celebrating the miracle of the cross through the full Easter season!

Here are some fun cross crafts you can make with your kids in celebration.

Check out this salt cross painting for kids. So fun and easy!

This oil pastel resist cross project is super cute and easy!

Take a wooden crafting cross and give it any one of these looks!

This cross craft is so cheap and easy– all you need is card stock, markers, and washi tape. I love these!

Here’s an easy cross resist craft for preschoolers
This dogwood flower cross is crafted from egg cartons!
You can make your own cross shaped pops from jolly ranchers
Also check out how to make this cross egg for Easter
What should I do with all my crosses? Start a cross wall! 🙂


  1. These are sooo cute. You always find the neatest stuff Lacy. I especially like the stained glass cross. So creative!

  2. Amazing_Grace says

    Great cross crafts!! 🙂

    Try this if your daughter is having problems with the cross necklace.


    Colors of Christ Cross- Neat tip down at the bottom. 🙂

  3. My children love to do crafts. I need to make a better effort to let them more. Please visit us at at The Power of Moms. A site where mothers worldwide can learn from each other. Have a great day!

  4. happymomonline says

    We made one of these crafts today. Take a peek at the finished crosses – http://happymomonlinecom.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for all your work. The coloring sheets for Our Lady of Sorrow's tomorrow are printed out and ready to go!
    God Bless!
    Heather 🙂

  5. Jen @ Enter Under My Roof says

    Beautiful ideas! We were inspired to try a craft with a group of moms and toddlers…we taped off the cross image and let the kids go to town painting the canvas. We love not only the way they turned out (see yourself in the link) but in the sense of community and fellowship we created in doing this project all together. http://enterundermyroof.blogspot.com/2013/09/activity-feast-of-exaltation-of-holy.html


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