The Legend of the Dogwood {A Religious Tradition for the Easter Season!}

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Have you heard the legend of the dogwood tree? It’s a fun, religious story you can tell kids at Easter time. Since we celebrate the entire 50 days of the Easter season here, we like to include the legend of the dogwood flower! Note* I’m not saying this legend is true, I’m just saying it’s a fun Easter story that my kids love!

Legend of the Dogwood

The Legend of the Dogwood:

In Jesus’ time, the Dogwood tree had grown to a great size, like that of an Oak tree! They used it to build the cross that Jesus was hung on. This made the Dogwood tree sad. Jesus, sensing this sadness, promised the Dogwood tree that it would never again grow large enough to build a cross. Its branches would be narrow and crooked-not good for building at all. And now the Dogwood tree has many traits to remember this promise.

The Dogwood flower has 4 petals, shaped like a cross:

Dogwood Flower

The middle of the Dogwood flower, a crown of thorns:

Dogwood Flower

At the edge of each petal, a nail dent:

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The nail dents are stained with the color of Jesus’ blood:

Dogwood Flower

So that’s it- the Legend of the Dogwood flower! Check out this craft for kids that goes with the legend of the dogwood.

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  1. Jennifer @ Crafolic says

    Okay, Lacy! This is just too weird!!!! I just did a dogwood craft with my kids today and I planned to post it this week, too! I know you and I have done this kinda thing before! It’s really getting strange!
    Well, looking forward to seeing your dogwood craft! (Hope they aren’t too much alike!) God Bless!

    • Lol! They’re totally different. Besides, we’ll always be posting the same stuff at the same time. Well, unless you’re about to move your Advent posts to the Summer time. 😉 Just pinned your dogwood flower craft. Really cute!

  2. Thank you for this post! Am painting dogwoods and someone asked me if I knew the legend.

  3. Aubrey’s Mammy says

    I thought everyone knew the legend of the dogwood . I remember learning this in Sunday School when I was little ! And I’m 65 now !

  4. donald paolella says

    i was also told the tips of the flowers discolor was the blood of christ