Mary Garden Crafts And Ideas (Including Indoor Mary Gardens!)

If you’re looking to make a traditional Mary garden, I have a post all about how to start a Mary garden here. But today I am going to share some ideas with you about different crafts you can make to go along with your Mary garden. There are also ideas here for having a Mary garden inside, and how to make a Mary garden even if you don’t have a Mary statue. So check it out- Mary garden crafts and ides

Mary Garden Craft Ideas

Make these mini Mary garden terrariums

Terrarium in a jar with a Mary statue

Growing with my Girls had no Mary statue- but that didn’t
stop them! They painted signs for their garden deticated
to Our Lady! I think this is adorable!
Wooden sign reading "our Mary garden"
Also find this Mary stepping stone that was crafted
by Growing with My Girls. So cute!
Stone circle with blue outline reading "Mary"
Make a mini Mary garden using my free printable Mary statue!
Mary printable in a pot with flowers
Over on Joyfilled Family, she had a Mary Garden birthday party
for her daughter! All the guests helped to plant a flower between
swimming and crafting! Cute stuff!
Printable list of flowers for Mary garden
I love these Mini-Mary gardens from Crafty in Coffeeland!
Great option for me since I have no big Mary statues.
Miniature Mary statue in pot with plants
Crafty in Coffeeland decorated rocks with papal

crosses for their potted Mary Garden.

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Rock being colored by marker

Indoor Mary Garden Ideas

I love the idea of crafting a Mary Garden. I found some
great directions over on Wildflowers and Marbles. These
ones were made for the immaculate conception, but they
could be tweaked for any Mary occasion or Mary Garden! 🙂

Display of material for Mary garden
Sarah submitted this indoor Mary garden with a little crafted peg doll and some succulents. Isn’t it adorable?! You can find my printable Mary peg doll here if you want to try your own version. 
Glass bowl terrarium with Mary peg doll
Sarah from Fort Worth Texas sent in this adorable picture of this indoor Mary garden. Look at the tiny Mary in her little “grotto”. Love it!
Glass bowl terrarium
Connie from Michigan submitted this indoor Mary garden. This grotto is super unique! 
Multiple plotted pants with a statuette of a Mary Grove
If you have link to your Mary Garden, leave it in the comments! Or let us know the ideas you’ve had for your garden, or your family’s traditions! 🙂
If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my other resources on how to honor Mary with kids.

More Mary Resources For Kids


  1. Great ideas! Very cute

  2. Xhonane Olivas says

    Here is our link for Mary's Garden, hope you like it:

  3. I am planning to do some Mary/Ladybug activities with my son the first week of May. One idea I have that I am going to adapt from "Big Book of Catholic Traditions" is to make a birdbath from a terracotta pot and drain plate and decorate with fingerprint ladybugs and write "Hail Mary" prayer around the rim of the drain plate. I was thinking of creating a Mary Garden this year and making this the center piece. A Mary statue in the center of the birdbath would be beautiful but as of right now I don't have one. I will definitely post this on my blog when we do it.

  4. Martianne says

    I just posted about Mary Garden Baskets we made for Mom's Day last year. I thought you might like to see them.

    I linked to your Mary posts in the post as well, since your site is so wonderfully rich in ideas. Thank you!

  5. Shona Martinez says

    Putting up some ornaments can definitely enhance the uplifting mood of the garden. I’m pretty sure that everyone who will pass by in front of your garden will be amazed with that design. I applaud you for infusing your creative ideas in some areas of your house! =) Great job!