How To Make A May Altar for Mary

We like to keep a Catholic home altar and update is year round with the liturgical year. You can find all of my ideas about how to honor Mary with kids in May here, and today we are going to talk about how to make a May altar for Mary. 

I started by laying down some blue fabric I had because blue is Mary’s color. Then I added a floral wreath that I already had, and a Mary statue. I just got this beautiful statue discounted at Ross for $3 because she’s missing a hand, lol. But I still think she’s beautiful!

Then I added a candelabra with blue candles, a blue rosary,
and my blue cross from the Dollar Tree. Again, blue for Mary.

If you think you don’t have a Mary statue, go raid your nativity set. Or check out my printable Mary statue craft for kids. It’s free to print!

So in conclusion, here are some ideas for May altars:
  • Mary Statue
  • Blue Stuff
  • Flowers
  • Mary holy cards
  • Mary books
  • Rosaries
  • Candles
  • Mary crafts your kids have made
  • Drawings or artwork of Our Lady
  • Crosses

Your imagination is the only limitation!

If you’re interested in reading about having a year long home altar in your domestic church, check out how to make a home altar here. This is a really fun addition to living the liturgical year at home! 🙂

How to set up a Catholic home altar if you're a beginner, and lots of ideas for getting creative with it once you've started.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my other resources on how to honor Mary with kids.


  1. welcome to our wonderland says

    great altar! love all your mary post! 🙂

    can't wait for may crowning at my daughters school next friday I love may crowning!

  2. Beautiul post, Lacy! We have set up our Home Altar with the many faces of Mary. Here is the link

    Many Blessings!

  3. Very nice, thank you for sharing the other blogs. I am going to work on my Mary altar, right after I post this comment.

  4. I love your Mary altar. simple and yet so wonderful. all the other ideas are awesome too, and I'll be using many of these ideas this month.

  5. Heather says

    Here is our Blessed Mother Display for the month of May:

  6. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! Melanie

  7. I hope to start this wonderful tradition next year. Thank you so much for the great ideas.

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