How To Draw An Easy Silhouette Nativity

We are coming up on the Christmas season, and I am so excited to bring you this free how to draw video for kids! This is a video for step by step how to draw a silhouette nativity for kids. It’s super simple to draw and follow along with, and it includes the holy family, an angel, the 3 kings, and a shepherd with his sheep. You can find all of my nativity resources for kids here. So here we go- how to draw an easy silhouette nativity 

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Some of my other Christmas how to draw videos include Bethlehem, Mary with Jesus, baby Jesus, Advent Saints, and Advent wreath, and more! 

This is a great activity to do with kids for the Advent and Christmas season, and you can watch the full video here- How To Draw An Easy Nativity



I often have people ask me about the markers I use, and they are Prismacolor markers. They are for artists, and a bit pricey, but I find them worth the price and  you can find some here. I have been using Prismacolor markers since I was 14 and I absolutely love them! 

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