How To Draw A Chalk Pastel Nativity {Leonardo da Vinci Style}

Through our Charlotte Mason method of education, we study 3 artists per year, and we are currently studying Leonardo da Vinci. I thought I would share our Christmas project with you- a nativity drawn in da Vinci's style. This projects is very easy and simple, so no stress on mom. ;-) Supplies Needed To Draw Your Own Nativity: Brown paper (We used cut up grocery bags. You could … [Read more...]

Printable Catholic Prayers for Kids: Posters and Copywork

As I mentioned before, when teaching Catholic kids the basic prayers, it is very important that kids are learning the correct words. We decided to include copy work of all the most common Catholic prayers in Lydia's First Communion Journal this year, so I made printable pages that are easy for kids to use. It's a great activity for teaching Catholic kids their prayers! I have all of them … [Read more...]

Why Kids Should Write Their Prayers- The Importance of Copywork

Copywork has an important place in education. We have decided to copy all of the major prayers for Lydia's First Holy Communion journal, and here's why. Do you see that? That's a monk swimmin'. Doesn't ring any bells? Well, it's a line in the Hail Mary prayer. Remember? "...Blessed art thou, a monk swimmin', and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus." Oh, wait. That's right- it's … [Read more...]

How to Draw Grapes and Wheat for Catholic Kids

As promised earlier this week, today I am sharing a how-to-draw-grapes-and-wheat-download with all of you! I love the combination when how-to-draws meet handwriting practice, so I decided to make some printable Catholic packs where your kids can learn to draw Catholic things, practice their penmanship, and learn some facts along the way. :-) In this download, you get a page that teaches … [Read more...]