How To Draw Mary And Baby Jesus (Easy!)

These weekly Catholic how to draw videos are just getting more and more fun each Friday! This week I decided to make a video for how to draw Mary and Baby Jesus which came in through some suggestions. This is perfect for a few upcoming feast days! Obviously, this is a great fit for Christmas which is right around the corner, and it’s good to keep the Christmas season going for the duration of the 12 days of Christmas and even through Candlemas, so keep on drawing! Also, the feast of Mary, Mother Of God is every year on January 1, which is a holy day of obligation. How perfect is this how to draw video for that feast day? I am super excited about this step by step video for kids! 

You can find all of my Catholic how-to-draws here, and be sure to check back because there is a new one each Friday! I am so glad you are all enjoying this new resource for Catholic kids, and I feel like the videos are getting better all the time. If you want to be sure not to miss any how to draw videos in the future, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel

This is a great activity for Catholic kids when learning about Mary, and for religious education classes. Go ahead and draw Mary with baby Jesus now using my how to draw video below. 

In this video I use my Prismacolor brush tip artist markers to color this in and you can find a set here. These are professional artist markers, so they aren’t cheap, but they’re totally worth it and they last for a long time.

I am also including this free coloring page of Mary with baby Jesus so your littles can just color along if they are too small for drawing, or in case they just don’t want to draw it themselves. The coloring page says “Holy Mary, Mother Of God” which makes it a perfect pairing for January 1, feast of Mary Mother of God. It also makes it a great fit for when your kids are learning about the rosary or the Hail Mary prayer, or any time you are teaching kids about Mary. So many great uses for this one activity!

Mary And Baby Jesus Coloring Page Download

I hope this resource helps your kids learn about Mary the holy mother of God this week with your kids! I think this particular picture is extra sweet! 🙂

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