How To Draw A Pretzel

This week I wanted to bring you something you could use for Lent, and a pretzel seemed like just the thing! We love to make big soft pretzels during Lent, and now the kids can use this video for drawing their own Lenten pretzel prayer cards! I have a printable version of the Lenten pretzel prayer along with my recipe for soft pretzels here. Pretzels can be tricky to draw because of the way they overlap, but I came up with a good method that even kids can follow for how to draw a pretzel

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This is a great way to learn about the old customs or making pretzels during Lent, and you can watch the full video here- how to draw a pretzel

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I often have people ask me about the markers I use, and they are Prismacolor markers. They are for artists, and a bit pricy, but I find them fowrth the price and  you can find some here. I have been using Prismacolor markers since I was 14 and I absolutely love them! 

The origional shape of a pretzel was made to emulate arms crossed in prayer, so really the “true” shape of a pretzel is what most of us would consider upside down. Feel free to add this little Lenten prayer to your pretzel drawings!

A pretzel to remind us of

arms crossed in prayer

is a Lenten treat for

us to share


I hope that this free resource for Catholic kids helps with your Lenten celebrations for this year! You can find my other Lenten activities for kids here.