How To Draw Jesus (EASY Step By Step For Kids)

I wanted to bring you something you could draw any time of the year, and a how to draw Jesus video seemed like just the thing! At first I asked the kids, “Which Jesus should I draw? Jesus walking on water? The Sacred Heart of Jesus? Jesus loves the children?” And Lydia was like… “No, mom! Just Jesus. Plain, regular Jesus.” I had to think about that longer than I thought I would haha. So that’s what I did! Here is today’s video for kids- how to draw Jesus, Step by step (and the EASY way!)


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This is a great way to get kids excited about Jesus, and you can watch the full video here- how to draw Jesus.

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I often have people ask me about the markers I use, and they are Prismacolor markers. They are for artists, and a bit pricy, but I find them fowrth the price and  you can find some here. I have been using Prismacolor markers since I was 14 and I absolutely love them! 
This is a non-white Jesus because, well, Jesus wasn’t white. I have a whole post here on multicultural art supplies to help your kids create diverse art. You can find my list of favorite multicultural art supplies for kids here.

You can also find all my bible crafts for kids here. Hope you find it all useful! God bless!