Catholic How To Draw: The Eucharist

I am still working on my Catholic how to draw series for Catholic kids and posting a video each Friday. Be sure to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube channel so you don’t miss them! You can find the list of ALL of my Catholic how to draw videos here.

So in this video, I show kids how to draw a chalice, host, grapes, and also wheat. I thought this was perfect for this week for the feast of Corpus Christi! This would also be perfect for preparing for First Holy Communion, or anytime you are teaching kids about communion.

I also have this available as a free Eucharist coloring page for Catholic kids. Download yours below!

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Eucharist Coloring Page… click here to download!


You can find all my resources for teaching Catholic kids about the Eucharist here. God bless!!! 


  1. Johnny Kamariotis says

    Thank You. This was a useful video for my school assignment.