How To Draw Jesse Tree Symbols (Easy DIY Ornaments!)

You can now draw your own Jesse Tree ornaments with this new video set I just released- how to draw Jesse Tree Ornaments! Now your kids can draw their own Jesse Tree ornaments as they follow along with my videos step by step! Kids are going to love drawing these, and you will love having this keepsake for years to come. The Jesse Tree is a beautiful Advent tradition to celebrate with your family, and you can read more about how to start a Jesse Tree devotion here if you’re not familiar with it. 

For this weekend only, the whole set of 25 how to draw videos is available now for just $12.00! Get yours here. This comes out to be only .48 per video and will provide an entire season of joy and memories to your family! 💜

I also have this same set of ornaments available as a printable set, so you may want to check out the printable version here. The printable version is available in both color AND in black & white. Coloring rather than drawing the ornaments is a great option for younger kids.

Activity During Jesse Tree Readings

While your kids are drawing, you can read to them from your Jesse Tree devotional. It’s always good to keep little hands busy while you want their ears to pay attention. What a great way to keep them occupied while they listen to these beautiful old testament devotions leading up to the birth of Jesus! Even if you already have a set of Jesse Tree ornaments, your kids could still draw these while listening to the devotional readings and make a little Jesse Tree symbols booklet. 

“My 9y old daughter is obsessed with Art Hub For Kids and Draw So Cute – we just found all your awesome videos and NOW I see the Advent ones… this is going to MAKE HER LIFE. We are pretty hard core into Advent around here and I was trying to find something to make Advent exciting for her (we’ve done the Jesse Tree a lot and frankly, it’s losing it’s joy for her a bit). She was going to be teaching the Jesse Tree to her younger sister this year and now they can include these awesome videos each day – I think she might just be more excited for these daily videos than her advent calendar tread (and that’s saying a lot!!!)” – Jennifer (Catholic Icing Reader)

Use Them To Craft 3D Ornaments

These videos could also be used for mom if you are crafting a super nice set to have around for years to come because they could be drawn onto your wooden ornaments or impressed into salt dough… the possibilities for using these videos are endless! 

With these how to draw Jesse Tree ornaments videos, you could even do this project with an entire class!

This set is a procrastinator’s dream because you can actually draw each ornament as you go on the actual day you need it. So if you have ever not done the Jesse Tree because you didn’t have a set of ornaments and didn’t want to invest the time all upfront, this way you can just do it day by day in December. 

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The ornaments in my How To Draw Jesse Tree ornaments go along with The Advent Jesse Tree devotional that I got from Amazon. I have owned several Jesse Tree devotionals, and this one is my favorite. 

Jesse Tree Symbols Included In The How To Draw Videos:

  • The World (Creation)
  • A Snake With An Apple Tree (The First Sin)
  • Ark With Rainbow (Noah)
  • Camel And Tent (Call To Abraham)
  • Lamb And Mountain (Isaac And The Lamb)
  • Ladder (Jacob’s Ladder)
  • Coat of Many Colors (Joseph)
  • 10 Commandments (Moses)
  • Grapes (Canaan)
  • Wheat (Ruth)
  • Sling Shot (King David)
  • Scroll (Josiah)
  • Stump With Shoot (Jesse)
  • Lion And The Lamb 
  • Dove And Crown (Prince Of Peace)
  • Shepherd’s Staff
  • Cross (Suffering Servant)
  • Heart With Writing (New Covenant)
  • Bethlehem
  • Fiery Furnace (Exile)
  • Brick Wall (Return To The Land)
  • Star
  • Candle (Light Of The World)
  • Angel 
  • Baby Jesus 

You can see one sample video from the series here- how to draw a Baby Jesus ornament


One video for each of the above Advent Jesse Tree symbols is included in this set of how to draw videos! There are 25 videos total in this package. 

Start Streaming Your How To Draw Videos Now!

You can stream these videos now over on Teachable for just $12.00! That’s all 25 videos to draw your very own Jesse Tree ornaments, which comes out to just .48 cents per video! 

After purchasing this set of Jesse Tree how to draw videos, you will receive an email letting you know that you are “enrolled” in the how to draw class, and you will receive everything you need to login to your account at teachable and access all the videos. 🙂 


  1. Do you have a way to print a copy of all the ornaments you have drawn? I’m not too good at drawing.

  2. Mary Kay Acheson says

    What type of markers do you use?

    • Lacy uses Prismacolor markers. They’re not cheap, but they are really fabulous markers. (We also have them at our house and love them.) I hope that helps!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  3. In looking at the pictures above, it looks like one of them is Joseph’s coat of many colors but I don’t see it in the list of the drawing symbols that are included. This is my first year trying a Jesse tree and I am wondering this because I have read with different advent devotionals that some devotionals have slightly different readings / symbols than others. Thanks for any guidance!

  4. Nikki Smiely says

    How do I find the matching devotional book for the readings? The link from the Catholic Icing membership file for the Jesse Tree blocks brought me here. Thanks in advance.

    • Lacy shows a picture of the book that she likes and uses about midway through this post – The Advent Jesse Tree.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Business Manager