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In the longest ongoing project ever in Catholic Icing history, I finally present to you Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist, a First Holy Communion preparation curriculum for Catholic homeschool families. This is the most beautiful and complete product that Catholic Icing has ever released.  I have been working on this program with my friend and co-author Theresa Schlenz since our oldest children began preparation back in 2013, and we are beyond excited to bring this presale to you today! 

This is truly the First Communion program that I wish existed when I was preparing my kids. 

First Communion Curriculum bundle




In this curriculum, you will receive everything you need to prepare your children for both 1st Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion in a beautiful, reverent, and gentle way that will involve the whole family.  This program is designed for family-based catechesis, helping parents stay intimately involved in their child’s preparation for these beautiful sacraments, regardless of whether your child is homeschooled, attends public or private school, or receives religious education through a Catholic school or a parish program. Our hope is that Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist will provide the tools for you to make this year of preparation truly special and full of joyful anticipation for your child and your whole family! 

Orthodox in content and steeped in Scripture, Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist has received the Nihil Obstat from the diocese of Charlestown, SC, attesting that the program materials are in line with Catholic Church teaching on faith and morals. Our primary goal is simply and most essentially to bring your child into a deeper relationship with Christ and genuine love for His sacraments.  The style of the lessons is conversational and intended to ignite curiosity and encourage open, fruitful dialogue about the Mysteries of our Faith.  The beautiful companion journal provides a hands-on way for children to further meditate on and assimilate the beautiful truths behind these Mysteries as they are encountered in the lessons.  We pray that this program will bless your whole family and plant seeds in your child’s heart for a lifetime of growing in love for Our Lord and His Holy Catholic Church! 

This all-inclusive sacrament prep curriculum comes with a truly mind-blowing amount of material designed to inspire, educate, and delight! 

Included In This First Communion Preparation Curriculum

Here’s what you will get with Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist:

  • Lesson book with 29 gentle, thorough, faith-filled lessons to read aloud
  • Gorgeous keepsake activity journal with open ended pages designed to help your child reflect on the beautiful truths received in the lesson. All “crafty” pages can be completed with just what’s in the book plus crayons or colored pencils, scissors, and glue stick! 
  • 30 mini picture booklets, vibrantly illustrated by various artists and containing stories from Scripture, saints, and more to use each week along with the lesson. We know that Catholic book lists with very expensive, out-of-print books (and picture books in general) can be very costly to collect, so we wanted to include all the picture books you will need to make this year beautiful and memorable for your child.
  • Cardstock pack full of extra materials, such as prayer cards, Scripture memorization cards, an examination of conscience booklet…and paper dolls by the amazing Stella Marigold Art! 
  • Original audio CD with 27 tracks of Catholic prayers and memory work set to song, including Catholic books of the Bible, Catholic Fruits of the Spirit, St. Michael prayer (among many Catholic prayers) and so many more tracks! It’s going to be so easy for your kiddos to memorize these Catholic staples when they’re put to music.
  • A copy of Catholic Icing’s A Picture Book of the Mass: Illustrated by the Masters (only currently available with this program) to help the transition of really paying attention to and understanding the Mass
  • Family Focus section for each lesson to get the whole family involved in this beautiful Sacrament year
  • Reference reading suggestions for parents to ponder the lesson material more deeply
  • 22 appendices full of bonus material to help with everything from creating a home altar to celebrating Baptism anniversaries to planning a 1st Communion celebration
  • Beautiful and timeless original illustrations and inspiring fine art
  • Artwork contributed by over 20 Catholic artists and companies, including CCC of America, Shining Light Dolls, Holy Heroes, Happy Saints, Mary MacArthur (illustrator of Clare’s Costly Cookie), Bernadette Pohl, and so many more!
  • Clear, open-and-go instructions
  • Hymn and song suggestions to accompany each lesson
  • Webpage for each lesson linking to further reinforcement activities and recommended resources
  • Our prayers for each and every child preparing for these beautiful sacraments! 

Catholic Memory Work CD

We are so happy to bring something to the Catholic community that truly hasn’t been available until now! With 27 prayers and Catechism topics included on a memory CD, you can spend your Sacrament prep time this year reaching the heart of your child and preparing them to receive Jesus rather than memorizing lists. Let the memory CD do all that work for you in an easy way! Everyone memorizes things easier when they’re put to music, and most of these songs are originals. I think you’re going to love the charm and quality of this professionally produced CD!!! 

This is currently the only place this CD is offered, and it is a stunningly beautiful and powerful learning tool for your family. 

Included Catholic Memory Songs And Hymns:

  1. The Sign of the Cross
  2. The Our Father
  3. The Hail Mary
  4. The Glory Be
  5. The Hail Holy Queen
  6. The Fatima Prayer
  7. The Guardian Angel Prayer
  8. The St. Michael Prayer
  9. Spiritual Communion
  10. An Act of Contrition
  11. Consecration to Mary
  12. ACTS of Prayer
  13. The Mysteries of the Rosaries
  14. The Four Marks of the Church
  15. The Seven Sacraments
  16. The Books of the Old Testament (Finally, a version specifically for Catholics!)
  17. The Books of the New Testament
  18. The Ten Commandments 
  19. The Two Greatest Commandments
  20. Liturgical Colors & Seasons
  21. Why Did God Create Me?
  22. The Theological Virtues
  23. The Works of Mercy
  24. The Five Steps to a Good Confession
  25. The Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Hard to find a Catholic version of this!)
  26. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Click here to order Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist. 

Theresa and I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this classic and beautiful 1st Communion curriculum to your family! It has been a labor of love. We believe so much in bringing quality and easy-to-use materials to Catholic moms, and we hope this blesses your family as much as it has blessed ours. 

We are so blessed and full of gratitude to be able to share this long work of love with all of you.  Please pray for us and all families everywhere seeking to lovingly guide their children toward Christ. 

Still not convinced?

Check out our FAQ’s about the program to learn even more! 

Also, check out some sample pages from Meeting Jesus In The Eucharist here.

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