Catholic How To Draw: The Eucharist

I am still working on my Catholic how to draw series for Catholic kids and posting a video each Friday. Be sure to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube channel so you don't miss them! So in this video, I show kids how to draw a chalice, host, grapes, and also wheat. I thought this was perfect for this week for the feast of Corpus Christi! This would also be perfect for preparing for First … [Read more...]

The Story Of Lydia’s First Holy Communion In Photos

You have all shared in on Lydia's First Communion Prep with me, and I would love for you to join in on our celebration day as well! I'm going to let the photographs tell the story of our day. :-) Thank you to everyone who helped this day happen! I'm going to take a few days "off" now, but … [Read more...]

Write A First Communion Poem- Printable Template Available!

Find all of my First Communion Resources Here As Lydia prepares for her First Holy Communion this Saturday, I wanted to do a few personal things for her to keep in her First Communion Journal, and I decided it would be so sweet if she could write a Eucharistic poem! We went with a haiku to make it short and simple. A haiku poem is a traditional Japanese poem. The basic "rules" are that … [Read more...]

First Communion Party Ideas- With An Easy Cake Idea!

Find all of my First Communion Resources Here I went to an amazing First Communion party last year, and I've been looking back over the pictures for inspiration as I plan Lydia's party this week. I wanted to share these great party ideas with you- and thank my friend Robyn for the inspiration! ;-) Just to be extra super clear, these are pictures I took of my friend's First Communion … [Read more...]

Unleavened Bread Recipe- Great Activity For First Communion Or Holy Thursday

Find all of my First Holy Communion resources for kids here. Before I lose anyone- trust me... you can bake unleavened bread! It doesn't involve any yeast or rising or anything! Seriously, you can't mess it up. Take that from someone who is far from being a gourmet chef. ;-) Baking unleavened bread with your kids is a great activity for anytime you're learning about the Last Supper. We are … [Read more...]

True Presence In The Eucharist- Printable Craft For Catholic Kids

We're still working on our First Holy Communion preparation at home with Lydia, and we're planning a field trip to adoration. We've been learning about the true presence in the Eucharist, and this craft was such a fun way to drive that point home! This is a great craft for kids preparing for First Communion. (You can find all of my resources for preparing for First Communion here.) Now, … [Read more...]

First Communion Countdown Calendar (Printable!)

As First Communion rapidly approaches at our house for Lydia (yay!) I wanted a fun way for her to anticipate her big day. I came up with this printable First Communion advent calendar where the child can mark off the days as he or she goes. Check it out! The countdown calendar is in the shape of the Lamb of God, and counts down the 4 weeks leading up to your child's First Communion. You can … [Read more...]

Reconciliation Craft For Catholic Kids

We are still preparing for Lydia's First Reconciliation at home, but Reconciliation is a Sacrament that we and our children should be receiving often. It's never the wrong time to be learning more about the Sacrament of Confession. This craft focuses on the "Treasures Of Reconciliation". I found it here, and thought it was an absolutely beautiful craft! I knew I had to make it with my kids. … [Read more...]

First Reconciliation- How To Celebrate

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Although there doesn't seem to be any such thing as a "First Confession Party", it's still a major milestone in your child's life. Receiving a Sacrament is a big deal! So, how can you celebrate? Here are some ideas. Take the family out for vanilla ice cream afterward. I've heard sooooo many families do this that I'm going to go ahead … [Read more...]

Teach Kids About Transubstantiation- An Object Lesson

We're working on helping our kids understand the true presence in the Eucharist as First Communion time approaches for our oldest. To understand the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, you have to explain transubstantiation. I've been loving the idea of trying out some object lessons for Catholic kids at home, and I wanted to share one of them with you today. Transubstantiation is the … [Read more...]