Easter Symbols For Kids (And A Free Printable!)

There are so many beautiful Easter symbols that are around in the Spring, and you might not even be recognizing all of them! Today we are going to take a look at Easter symbols for kids, what these include, and how many of the things you’re used to seeing during springtime actually point back to Jesus. These symbols are perfect for teaching Catholic kids but also Christian kids of any denomination, as we all have Easter in common. 🙂


As much as I love children’s books that are things like “The Legend of the Easter Egg” or “The Legend of the Easter Bunny” etc, I honestly don’t like needing to own a different book for every single legend. Also, these are typically the kinds of books not available at the library, and in the last few years I have had to really pare down our children’s books. So I wanted to write one little book that would cover an overview of many Christian Easter symbols for kids all in one book!

Easter Symbols For Christian Kids

Mom… you don’t have to work as hard as you think you do to keep Easter about Jesus! When you introduce your kids to the symbology behind these beautiful and traditional Easter symbols, you will soon be seeing Jesus around every corner during the spring season! Rather than fighting bunnies and eggs at Easter time, teach your kids how everything gives us clues about the resurrection. It’s all for Jesus! 🙂

The following Christian Easter symbols are included in this book:

  • Butterfly
  • Lily
  • Eggs
  • Candy
  • Baby Animals (including bunnies!)
  • Angel
  • Lamb

Each page of the book features one of the Christian Easter symbols, and has a rhyme explaining the legend behind the symbol. 

Easter Symbols Book For Kids

This little Easter symbols book for kids was written by me, Lacy Lynch. Each page has a simple rhyme explaining that Easter symbol in a way kids can understand. 

This Easter symbols book is available in several formats, and there’s even a free option to print your own! First, it is available as a file that prints all on one page, making one of those 8 page mini books. This 1 piece of paper version is available in both black and white outline for kids to color it themselves, and is also available in full color! One the coloring page version, kids can also trace the word of the symbol. 

This version is perfect for giving out to a whole classroom or Sunday School class etc. because it only takes 1 piece of paper per kid. These are easy to fold and assemble, and I even have a video here showing you how to do it.


Make An Easter Symbols Ring!

You can also take this small version, laminate your 1 page, and cut them into cards for a ring. I love having resources like this for kids!

This Christian Easter Symbols book is also available in a larger format. If you print the pages front/back, this one fits on just 2 pieces of paper. Just fold the pages in half, put them together, and staple it together.

The larger format of this Easter symbols book is also available in full color and in black and white outline.

Christian Easter Symbols Coloring Pages

You can cut the black and white booklet apart to make these half sheet coloring pages as well!

These are so fun to color, and kids are going to learn so much about these symbols in the process!

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Easter Symbols Handwriting Practice

The full printable pack also includes handwriting practice pages for each of these Easter symbols! The kids can trace over the word on their own, which is a great thing to mix into your homeschool or preschool during the Easter season.

Christian Easter Symbols Playdough Mats

These pages are possibly my favorite ones from the pack because they’re so much fun! These pages print in full color. I like to slide them into clear page protectors to give them to the kids for creating. They could also be laminated for a more permanent playdough mat option. 

I love the prompts on these play doh mats to encourage creativity from the kids! Also, they include all the same Christian Easter symbols as their matching books, so they’ll all be pointing your kids towards the true meaning of Easter. 

I love how this one encourages you to make fluffy wool for the Easter lamb, and “snail shells” are one of my favorite things to build out of playdough, so this one is extra fun!

I also love this page where the kids can decorate their own Easter egg with play doh because it’s so open ended creatively!

The possibilities for decorating the playdough mats are endless.

Free Option For Downloading

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Get The Whole Pack For $5

If you would like the full pack or would just rather pay, wish granted! You can download this full printable preschool pack now for just $5.


Be sure to check out my other Easter resources for Christian kids here.


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