Alphabet Grab Bags- How To Make And Use A Grab Bag With Preschoolers

A grab bag is a bag that's full of objects that start with one particular letter. I use these when teaching preschool to go with my letter of the week format in Catholic ABC's. I used to make new ones each week, but after teaching preschool for 6 straight years, I made permanent bags. Here is a quote straight from Catholic ABC's on how to use a grab bag. You say what's in red. Now, are you … [Read more...]

Catholic ABC’s Meets All About Reading Pre-Reading

I wrote Catholic ABC's when Lydia was 3, and have been using it with my preschoolers ever since. It is a letter-of-the-week style preschool, so each week we focus on just one letter of the alphabet. On top of the lessons that are included in Catholic ABC's, I usually try to embellish the letter. For instance, if we're on the letter M, during the week we might have macaroni for lunch, color a … [Read more...]

Liturgical Calendar; Printable Craft For Catholic Kids!

You can find all of my Mass resources for Catholic kids here. A long time ago, we made a Liturgical wheel craft, which is actually featured in my book, Catholic ABC's. I finally (4 years later) got around to making a printable Liturgical wheel to make all of your lives easier! It spins to reveal different Liturgical seasons, so you can hang it and spin it to the current liturgical season. Check … [Read more...]

Alphabet Sensory Bin; The ABC’s Of How To Make One

For 6 years now, I have taught Catholic ABC's to my preschoolers where we cover 1 letter each week. For extra fun this year, we've added a letter sensory bin to our ABC repertoire . Given my weaving the faith theory, I like to mix religious items with non-religious items. Check it out! In Catholic ABC's, I go over how to use a "grab bag" during circle time. This happens each week when you … [Read more...]

ABC Saints: Coloring Pages Turned Easy Catholic Craft

I've been working hard on something that I'm so excited to release to you today: A whole alphabet of Saints, ready for you and your kids to craft! The best part is, they're printable, and ready-to-go in either black and white or in color. Your choice. :-) Also, they totally match the Saint of the week for Catholic ABC's. This project was a joint effort! I commissioned my sister-in-law at to … [Read more...]

Printable Angel Handprint Craft For Kids

The feast day of guardian angels is coming up on October 2! At our house, we are working our way through Catholic ABC's, and A was for Angel.   Usually when I do Catholic ABC's, I do the handprint angel craft on a canvas bag with all of my preschoolers for the first class. That way, they have a bag to carry their preschool stuff in for the year. However, this year we're doing … [Read more...]

Tips For Teaching Letters To Preschoolers: Avoid These 4 Common Pitfalls

In many preschool programs (including my own) the structure is that the preschoolers learn one letter per week. This will be our 6th year in a row to have a letter of the week in our home! Before beginning letter lessons at your house, do you know the common pitfalls of teaching preschoolers their letters? Let's start with a simple quiz. Can you spot 3 things that are wrong with this letter … [Read more...]

How to Implement Montessori Inspired Activities At Home (Without Going Crazy!)

*Disclaimer- My activities are all Montessori inspired, but this post is not for the Montessori purist. This post is meant to inspire those who can't make Montessori their life, but want to implement some hands-on learning with their kiddos. :-) I recently posted about my favorite curriculum and activities for preschoolers. Today I wanted to follow up with how to set up Montessori activities in … [Read more...]

Preschool Curriculum And Resources- Lacy’s Picks

Well, it's that time of year again- time for back to school (or rather, not back to school for us homeschoolers). This year I have a 3rd grader, 1st grader, pre-K, and a 2 year old. I enjoy homeschooling all the kids, but I especially love the preschool years! I have taught preschool at home and at co-ops for the past 6 years straight. After all these years, I'm very comfortable with choosing our … [Read more...]

Catholic ABC’s Resource Page

This is a resource page to help "extras" while running your Catholic ABC's program from your home, at co-op, or at your religious education program at your church. Hope you find these resources helpful on your preschool journey! Easy Printing Page: Find all the copyable pages from the "Master Copies" section of Catholic ABC's ready to print. No scanner or copier needed. :-) ABC Saints: … [Read more...]