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Catholic ABC’s is now a full online curriculum for preschool and kindergarten! It is launching on August 8th 2022, and from now through August 8th you can save $20 by signing up early! This curriculum is like… 10 steps up from what it has been in the past and I can’t wait to tell you everything that’s included. I am so so so excited about this fully Catholic preschool and kindergarten curriculum!

Being released on August 8, 2022! 

We’ve received many emails lately asking when this book will be back in stock. We are excited to be launching a brand new and expanded program available for preschool and kindergarten on Monday, August 8th.


From now through August 7th, however, you can pre-order this program at the lowest price it will be. If you want to purchase this program, the pre-sale is absolutely the time to do it!

For the first time ever, Catholic ABCs is available exclusively online. We’re so excited that this means that it will be much more accessible to people worldwide since the shipping costs were cost-prohibitive for so many of you.

The program not only includes the lessons you already love from Catholic ABCs, but the online format means we can include so much more, such as printable crafts, worksheets, activities, and so much more.

(Quick note: This program is not a membership. It is a one-time purchase.)

Post continues after this brief information about the Catholic ABCs Curriculum

Catholic ABCs Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten

Catholic ABCs Curriculum

Catholic ABCs is a hand-on curriculum full of crafts, printables, worksheets, saints, learning, and more for preschoolers and kindergartners. There are over 2,000 pages that you can use for multiple school years! (This is also a great supplement for 1st and 2nd graders.)

The Catholic ABCs Curriculum is a full religion curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. The program is also full of language arts activities and touches on other school subjects as well as crafts, fine motor skills, and more.

The Catholic ABCs program includes SO much material! You can easily use this over the course of more than one school year, if you want.

Everything included is digital and downloadable. Nothing will be mailed to you, so you will print all of your own materials.

Materials Included in the Catholic ABCs curriculum:

  • Materials for the same types of lessons and unit studies previously included in the Catholic ABCs Curriculum Book – but featuring SO MUCH MORE than was ever included before! This is truly the full program that we would have loved to have had when our kids were younger!

  •  26 printable Catholic crafts (one for each letter of the alphabet) that Lacy made especially for this program

  • All 26 of the Catholic Letter of the Week Packets – there is a 35-page packet for each letter of the alphabet, which includes handwriting pages, saint and religious coloring pages, mini books, letter recognition activities, and more

  • A featured saint for each letter – each featured saint has a stand-up saint craft, a mini book about the saint, a coloring page, an activity page, and cut apart puzzle

  •  The Catholic Daily Learning Notebook, and Coloring Pages Packet – this includes daily learning pages (Identify the day of the week, Identify or write out the date, write how many days they have been in school – both writing it out as a number, such as 124, and then breaking it down into hundreds, tens, and ones, Identify which season it currently is, pick the liturgical season and write out the feast day), calendars, two saint coloring pages per month, and more

  • Saint ABC cards in two different sizes for displaying

  • Scripture memory cards for A – Z

  • Liturgical Year Wheel Craft

  • Art Cards for A – Z

  • Book and snack suggestions for A – Z

  • And More!

Check out the posting schedule and pricing options here. I am so excited and can’t wait for this to be an awesome year!!! ((hugs!))


  1. Marie Valeski says

    How do I purchase the ABC’s series?
    What is the price. I’d like to purchase as a gift.
    Should I wait till August 2024?

    • Hi Marie –

      You can read all about the curriculum here, which includes information about pricing:

      On the checkout page, just under the payment information, there is a box that you can check to send it as a gift.

      You can purchase at any time. The standard version includes online access for three years from the purchase date. Some options are linked on that page to purchase permanent access.

      I hope this helps!

      Angie, Catholic ABCs Curriculum Co-Creator

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