Living The Liturgical Year In April

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids, and April is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Some of these feast days include St. George, St. Gianna, and Our Lady of Africa! The month of April is also dedicated to both the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit. You can find all of my month to month post on living liturgically here. Now let’s look at these … [Read more...]

Free Paschal Candle Printable For Easter!!! (2021)

Paschal candles are a great way to celebrate the Easter season at home for all 50 days! This free download is perfect to print and wrap around your own Paschal candle for at home and is updated for the year 2021! You can find all of my ideas for celebrating all 50 days of Easter here. For now, let's look at this free Paschal candle printable for Easter 2021.   Learn About Paschal … [Read more...]

DIY Paschal Candle for Home (Catholic Easter Tradition!)

In every Catholic church you will find an "Easter Candle" (aka Paschal Candle) in the front of the church near the altar. There is a new candle each Easter, and it is lit though the entire Easter season! Having a Paschal candle at home is a great way to celebrate the Easter season at home as well! You can find all of my ideas for celebrating all 50 days of Easter here. Today, let's take a look at … [Read more...]

Count Down The Easter Season- Printable Countdown Bunting

The Easter season lasts 50 days for Catholics, which is 10 more days than Lent! It's like St. Pope John Paul II said, "We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!". The season of Easter includes 8 Sundays, and we love to count all the days until Pentecost so we can remember to keep celebrating through this entire 50 day joyous season! You can see all of my ideas for celebrating all 50 days … [Read more...]

Easy Easter Cookie Recipe- Bird’s Nests With Eggs!

When I am planning fun Easter treats with the kids, I always love to include things that have symbols that point back to the true meaning of Easter, which is the resurrection of Christ. These easy bird's nest treats have "eggs" inside, which are one of the oldest symbols of the Resurrection! You can find all of my Easter activities for kids here. Today I'm going to show you my easy Easter cookie … [Read more...]

St. Mary Magdalene (Resources For Kids)

Saint Mary Magdalen was an amazing woman and was very prominent figure in the Gospels! You might be surprised to find out that some of the things you think you know about Saint Mary Magdalene really aren't stories about her at all. This amazing Saint was the first to discover Jesus had risen from the dead, and her feast day is celebrated each year on  July 22 by many faiths including … [Read more...]

How To Make Easy Jelly Bean Bark (In The Microwave!)

I take any and every chance I get to focus on the true meaning of Easter during the season, which is Jesus! I was looking for a fun way to incorporate jelly beans and use them with the jelly bean prayer, and I decided to try making "jelly bean bark". Not only was this super easy and fun for kids, but it's actually a lot more delicious than I expected it to be! You can find my free legend of the … [Read more...]

Easiest Hot Cross Buns Recipe Ever

I love traditions and making meaningful recipes, especially during the Lent and Easter season.. but y'all... I'm only 1 person! Sometimes I have to cut myself some slack, and at those times, I'm happy to reach for the super easy recipes. This version of hot cross buns utilizes canned biscuits, but also includes the seasonings and meanings behind the more complicated and traditional recipe. Be sure … [Read more...]

Prayers And Scripture Cards To Pray Over Your Husband (Printable!)

I know that not everyone is in the same life situation, but I wanted to share these prayers and Scriptures for praying over your husband. I thought St. Joseph's feast day would be the perfect time to start praying for your husband, as St. Joseph was the husband of Mary. These Scripture cards and prayers are totally free for Catholic Icing subscribers and can be found on the subscriber bonus page. … [Read more...]

The Story Of The Jelly Beans (Free Jelly Bean Prayer Printable!)

I love anything and everything that helps keep kids focused on the true meaning of Easter... and that's Jesus! The more things that I can use to point toward Christ during the season, the happier I am. For this reason, I love the concept of the "Jelly Bean Prayer", and I love to use this with my kids! I made a brand new free printable that I'm calling "The Story Of The Jelly Bean", which is … [Read more...]