The Story Of The Jelly Beans (Free Jelly Bean Prayer Printable!)

I love anything and everything that helps keep kids focused on the true meaning of Easter... and that's Jesus! The more things that I can use to point toward Christ during the season, the happier I am. For this reason, I love the concept of the "Jelly Bean Prayer", and I love to use this with my kids! I made a brand new free printable that I'm calling "The Story Of The Jelly Bean", which is … [Read more...]

Resurrection Rolls (4 Ways To Make Them And A Printable!)

Resurrection rolls are one of my family's favorite traditions to make year after year at Easter! They are also known as "Empty Tomb Rolls" because when you bite into the cinnamon sugar awesomeness, they're totally hollow just like the tomb on Easter morning! Over the years I have tried many variations of the resurrection rolls recipe. I have made them from scratch, I have made them from canned … [Read more...]

Symbolic Holy Week And Easter Cookbook (Great For Kids!)

Do you want to teach your kids the true meaning of the passion and resurrection story during this important church season? Don't let Holy Week pass by this year without involving your kids with the true Easter and resurrection story! The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is chock full of meaningful and symbolic recipes to engage your children in the true meaning of these Lent and Easter … [Read more...]

Printable Stations Of The Cross Eggs For Kids

Years ago I developed Stations of the Cross eggs to help teach young children about that Stations of the Cross in a hands on way that makes sense to them. This has been one of my family's most cherished Lenten activities year after year! I fully recommend checking out the tangible stations of the cross eggs where each egg holds a symbol from that station. I also wanted an easy option for families … [Read more...]

Ignatius Book Review (And Coupon Codes For Catholic Children’s Books!)

I am so excited to be partnering today with Ignatius Press to bring you these beautiful books for Catholic kids! When I first started in this business, it was very hard to find beautiful high quality resources for Catholic kids, and I love seeing that change! These books I have to show you today are absolutely perfect for Easter baskets, First Holy Communion presents, or a gift for a Godchild … [Read more...]

Stations Of The Cross Burlap Bunting

I have been so inspired by all the burlap buntings I have been seeing on Facebook as a Stations of the Cross display! I think they are a beautiful, easy, and affordable way to display the Stations of the Cross at home. I decided to try making my own, and I wanted to share with you how to make your own diy Stations of the Cross burlap bunting. By the way, you can find all of my Stations of the … [Read more...]

Prayers And Bible Verses For Tired Moms (Free Printable!)

If this past year has done one thing the most to me, it has completely drained my energy. Regardless of how your life has changed in the past year, I'm willing to be that it's made you tired as well. Everything is just a little bit more exhausting, like standing farther back in a line or deciding how to greet someone without shaking their hand. This seemed like the right time to provide some … [Read more...]

St. Joseph Feast Day Celebration Ideas for your Home

St. Joseph's feast day is coming up on March 19, and it's actually a solemnity, which is a little higher ranking than a feast day. In other words- it's a fun and important day! There are many Catholic traditions that surround this beautiful day, especially traditions origionating in Italy. You can find more March feast days to celebrate with Catholic kids here. We are going to take a look at the … [Read more...]

Saint Feast Days In March (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids, and March is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Some of these feast days include St. Patrick's Day, Saints Perpeta and Felicity, and includes a lot of Lenten days. The month of March is also dedicated to Saint Joseph. You can find all of my month to month post on living liturgically here. Now let’s look at … [Read more...]

How To Make A Dollar Tree Lent Display

I love having a home altar in our house and switching it up for the liturgical seasons. Lent is one of my favorite seasons to observe in the home, and I love putting together a Lenten home altar each year! I decided to see how affordably I could put together a Lenten home altar and I am super happy with how this "Lentscape" came together with just $10 worth of stuff from the Dollar Tree! Let me … [Read more...]