7 Sorrows Of Mary Crafts And Activities

The 7 Sorrows of Mary is a beautiful devotion, and the month of September is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. These are also traditionally remembered during the season of Lent. In the 7 Sorrows of Mary, we remember the 7 great sorrows that Mary endured as a mother during the life of Jesus. I have many crafts and activities to help teach kids about Our Lady of Sorrows, as well as some beautiful pieces that can be displayed in your home to remember the 7 Sorrows day by day. You can find all of my ideas for learning about Our Lady of Sorrows here. Now let’s take a look at these 7 Sorrow of Mary crafts and activities for kids.

Overview Video Of Craft Pack

I have a video that is just 3 minutes long that goes through the various crafts and activities in this printable pack. so if you prefer videos to reading posts, go ahead and watch. It also has really good directions on how to assemble the printable mobile craft.

The 7 Sorrows of Mary Crafts and Activities Packet that is now available outside of the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership does not include the prayer card or candle wrap shown in some of the pictures. Everything else is included in the crafts and activities packet, however.

7 Sorrows Of Mary Printable Mobile Craft

This is a printable craft that comes with several options! First off, I have this printable mobile that has several options for assembly. Here is the standard version of this 7 Sorrows craft.

It actually goes together a lot easier than it looks! It’s very easy to make the heart at the top of this mobile twirly. The video will show you how. 

Here’s what it looks like if you add the printable swords to this craft! You can also use the swords to hang from the bottom rather than the tear drops if your kids prefer. The pack comes with both plain swords and swords that have the 7 Sorrows of Mary already on them.

For a super simple version of the mobile craft, attach them all to just 1 piece of yarn, creating a 7 Sorrows of Mary chaplet that you can hand on your wall or add to your September home altar. 

If you have cocktail swords, you can even add those on for and extra special addition.

7 Sorrows Of Mary Preschool Activities

Let’s check out some of these cute preschool resources for the littles. I love these sequencing cards! There are 2 options for these- one that has everything numbered, and one without the numbers. This makes them good for a variety of age groups and ability levels.

There’s also a printable puzzle for preschoolers that is super fun for sequencing! The tear drops also have options to be printed with and without numbers already on them, so again, choose for your own liking.

Printable 7 Sorrows Page For Older Kids

There is a blank page where older kids and write in the 7 Sorrows of Mary themselves. These could also be illustrated by them. 

You can also cut out the provided swords and glue them onto the blank heart for another craft variation.

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Sword Craft For Counting 7 Sorrows Chaplet

I love the idea of using the swords to point to the current 7 Sorrow you’re concentrating on, and so this is what I came up with.

If you print the swords to 70% of the size, they fit perfectly onto clothespins! Now I know there are endless applications to include them in hands on learning with your kids once they are on clothespins, but here’s what I came up with! 

Cut out one blank sword and attach it to a standard clothespin.

I glued mine to the top of the clothespin just using a glue stick, but regular school glue would work as well. I suggest printing your swords on to card stock to make them sturdier.

Now you can use your little paper clip sword to point to the current sorrow, and I have included just the perfect printable for you to do that with!

AAAhhhhh! So cute! I just love these little clip on swords. These could certainly be combined with the sequencing cards to make some super cute as well!

7 Sorrows Resources For The Whole Family

I love things that are good for the whole family, and many of these printable items are absolutely perfect for displaying on your home altar where everyone can enjoy them, no matter your age. As you can see below there is a full page artwork for displaying, a prayer card (this is 2 sided with the 7 sorrows listed on the back), and also a printable candle wrap, which also lists the sorrows on the back. 

If you want the set that includes the candle wrap and prayer card, you will need to purchase the September 2022 Catholic Icing Monthly Membership Printables

You can also now get the Seven Sorrows of Mary Crafts and Activities Packet (minus the candle wrap and prayer card) by scrolling to the next section of this post.

All of the beautiful crafts and activities in his pack use beautiful classic artwork of the 7 Sorrows of Mary! I love the way this all came together. 

Where Do I Get My 7 Sorrows Printable Pack?

This printable 7 Sorrows of Mary pack is included in the September 2022 Catholic Icing Monthly Membership

You can learn more about the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership here. This is a great way to live the liturgical year with your kids, and when you join, you will gain instant access to tons of Catholic printables.


Beginning in September 2023, I have the option for you to purchase the Seven Sorrows of Mary Crafts and Activities Packet as a standalone product. It DOES NOT include the prayer card or candle wrap that is shown in some of the pictures. However, the 15-page packet includes all of the other printables that are shown.


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