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Holy Spirit Resources For Kids (Crafts, Printables, More!)

I always find it helpful when I am teaching kids about anything to make sure that I make the resources fun and engaging for them. Nothing is effective than teaching kids at their own level! So when teaching kids about the Holy Spirit, naturally, I like to have some fun teaching tools to keep them interested and help them retain what they're learning. Let's check out these fun Holy Spirit Resources … [Read more...]

Printable Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Craft

Whether you're teaching kids about the Holy Spirit because Pentecost is right around the corner, because you have a baptism coming up, or just because it's a good idea to teach kids about all of the persons in the Holy Trinity, this is a fun an effective way to learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit! This download includes all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in the Catechism of the … [Read more...]

Catholic Fruits Of The Holy Spirit Printable For Kids {7 Craft Ideas!}

When choosing resources to teach kids about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, you have to be sure that they're Catholic so that they include all 12 fruits (rather than only 9). I recently came out with this song to teach Catholic kids the fruits of the Spirit, and now I came out with this printable to go along with it! :-) Download your Fruits of the Spirit Craft now! It's just $2! This … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit Craft- Make a Dove from a Paper Plate

We've been working on these Holy Spirit doves, just in time for Pentecost! They're really easy to make- my 6 year old loved this craft. You can stop at just a dove, or you can attach the gifts of the Holy Spirit to learn a little something extra. :-) This craft would be perfect for Baptisms, Confirmation, or anything else to do with the Holy Spirit- not just Pentecost. You can find all of my Holy … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit Craft – Handprint Dove

Catholic ABC's Week: 13  Letter of the week: H Theme: Holy Spirit Saint of the Week: St. Helen Craft: Holy Spirit Handprint Dove   As you all know, I love handprint crafts! For this one, start with a red piece of paper (the symbolic color for the Holy Spirit) and make a white handprint. Run glue up each finger (not the thumb) and attach a white feather. Add a yellow triangle … [Read more...]

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Teaching Tools

Pentecost is coming up soon, which is a great time to learn about the Holy Spirit! You might also want to teach your kids about the holy spirit around a baptism, confirmation, or when studying the Trinity! You can find all of my Holy Spirit resources for kids here. Now let's look at some gifts of the Holy Spirit teaching tools for kids.  Before jumping into the gifts of the Holy … [Read more...]

Fruits Of The Spirit Snack Idea For Kids

Pentecost is coming up and we love to celebrate with various versions of "fruits of the Spirit" fruit salads. This year I thought given the popularity of these charcuterie boards popping up everywhere that we would try it out, and you know what? I kinda love it! Let me share my tricks with you about how to make an easy fruit charcuterie board, and turn it into a fun and healthy fruits of the … [Read more...]

Fruit Of The Spirit Resources For Kids (Crafts, Printables, Snacks, More!)

Teaching kids about the Holy Spirit is a great way to get them involved with their faith! There are so many special occasions that are perfect for learning about the Holy Spirit including at Pentecost, Confirmation, Baptisms, when learning about the Trinity, or really any time! The summer time is also an especially good time to have some fun with this topic because of the fun fruit themes. You can … [Read more...]

Spiritual Communion For Kids- Printable Pack With Craft!

Well as Covid 19 rears its ugly head, the world is finding themselves unable to gather in groups for Mass. I wrote a post with things you can do with kids when attending Mass isn't possible. One of the things on that list is to take "Spiritual Communion", which is highly recommended by many Catholic Saints. This week I made a printable pack with a spiritual communion prayer and craft for kids that … [Read more...]

Fruits Of The Spirit Song For Catholic Kids {{includes all 12 fruits!!!}}

Ya'll... finally!!! Here is a CATHOLIC fruits of the Holy Spirit song for kids!!! You have to be careful when you're teaching your kids about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, because the protestants have only 9, and we as Catholics learn all 12. So when you search for fruits of the Spirit resources for kids, 99% of the activities, coloring pages, etc that you find is an incomplete list. I've … [Read more...]