Spiritual Bouquets Explained! (A Beautiful Catholic Tradition)

Have you ever heard of a spiritual bouquet? It is a beautiful Catholic tradition that makes a great gift for hard times or important occasions. What do we have that’s better to offer to anyone besides our prayers? Today, let’s take a look at what a spiritual bouquet is, how to put one together yourself, wording for a spiritual bouquet, and what to include in your spiritual bouquet. 

What Is A Spiritual Bouquet? 

A spiritual bouquet is the offering of prayers and or sacrifices to another as a gift. This can be indicated in many ways, but traditionally it’s in the form of a card letting the person know what prayers or sacrifices have been offered up for them. 

When To Give A Spiritual Bouquet

There are many times that are perfect for gifting a spiritual bouquet! Here is a list of times that a spiritual bouquet could be given.

  • First Communion
  • Wedding
  • Baptism anniversary
  • At a time of grief
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Graduation
  • At a time of illness 
  • A special feast day
  • Any special occasion!

How To Word A Spiritual Bouquet (Templates To Use)

Writing out a spiritual bouquet message is as easy as jotting a note down on a simple card to let someone know what has been offered up for them. You can even use a store bough card, and just write the spiritual bouquet part on an insert for the card. Here are some wordings that might help get you started.

  • “A spiritual bouquet in your honor…” under that “The following prayers have been offered up for your intentions” (then list the prayers/offerings)
  • “I, (name here) have offered (prayers here) for your intentions. God bless.”
  • “The following have been offered for you and your intentions”

What Can Be Offered In A Spiritual Bouquet

Any prayers or offerings can be included. Here are some ideas of things you can consider.

  • a certain number of specific prayer (10 Our Fathers, etc)
  • a novena (whatever would be applicable to their own situation)
  • a Mass (talk to your local parish about having a Mass said for the intentions of this person)
  • visiting the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration
  • offering up a certain number of Holy Communions
  • a rosary
  • a certain number of good deeds or sacrifices
  • any prayers that fit the occasion!

Level Up Your Spiritual Bouquet

Although offering someone a spiritual bouquet can be as simple as a heartfelt sentence on a sticky note, there are also a lot of beautiful ways you can present these if you’re looking to add some extra flair! 

Offer the prayers onto crafted flowers! I love this idea and I have a round up of ideas for implementing this here. I am such a sucker for adorable crafts, and I find that hand made items bring extra cheer to the hearts of others.

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Use my printable rosary roses to put together this 1 decade spiritual bouquet! It can include a note to the recipient that that rosary has been said for their intentions. 

You can also include a spiritual bouquet as a part of what I call prayer packages! These are for people going through a hard time, and include a mixture of small gifts and prayers that they can open when they are having a low moment.

Spiritual Bouquet Printable Cards

What could be easier than downloading a printable to help you offer your loved on a spiritual bouquet? These printable spiritual bouquet cards are beautiful, perfect for almost any occasion, and are ready to be filled out to help you create the instant spiritual bouquet.


  1. Cindy Coleman says

    Thanks so much for this. <3 Several times I have done spiritual bouquets with my parish faith formation classes and I haven't found such lovely printables. I will definitely be using these with my classes.