Michaelmas Recipe- St. Michael’s Blackberry Pie

The feast day of St. Michael and the Archangels is just around the corner on September 29, and there are a lot of traditional recipes to celebrate this day! Some traditional recipes for Michaelmas include goose, carrots, bannock, and also... pretty much anything with blackberries! If you want to learn more about Michaelmas traditions, read this article.   The legend of St. Michael and … [Read more...]

Alcohol Marker Comparison: Prismacolor, Copic, Artist Loft & More

When I went on a mission to find the best set of alcohol based markers for me, I wanted to try every brand that I could. After all, these markers are expensive, so this was a large purchase for me. I had been using Prismacolor markers since high school, so I thought maybe it was time for a change... (Disclaimer: All of the markers I tried were new, I was not sponsored for this review by anyone, … [Read more...]

Symbolic Easter Tea For Kids

This tea party is good to do for all 50 days of the Easter season! I consider this tea party kind of a counterpart to our traditional Lenten tea that we like to have. It's full of symbols for all the things that happened from Easter through Pentecost, and roughly follows the Stations of Light (AKA Stations of the Resurrection, Way of the Light, or Via Lucis) Just like the Lenten tea, we … [Read more...]

Tips For Traveling To See The Pope

As I've been preparing and packing for my trip to Philadelphia to go to World Meeting of Families, I've been drawing off my experiences when I traveled to see Saint Pope John Paul II in during World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada. I wanted to share my tips with all of you! So apparently, they're not expecting it to be crazy until the weekend when everyone will come to see Pope Francis. And … [Read more...]

Catholic Icing Updates and Email Subscription Changes

I know it's been a while since there have been new posts here on Catholic Icing, and so many of you have been sweet enough to check in to make sure that Lacy is okay.  She's doing well and has been spending time focusing on her family and projects. Some of you may know me, and some of you may not.  I'm Angie Kauffman and in addition to having my own site, Real Life at Home (which includes … [Read more...]

A Craft For Each Day Of Holy Week

Have you downloaded Holy Week In Handprints yet? Don't forget to make your first pages tomorrow! :-) I've told all of my kids that they can each make their own book, and they're really excited! Here is the schedule we are following for making our pages. Saturday before Palm Sunday– cover Palm Sunday– pages 1 and 2 Holy Monday- page 3 Holy Tuesday– page 4 Spy Wednesday– page … [Read more...]

Religious Notebooking For Kids

Notebooking is a great way to encourage true thinking and creativity in your children. I use it for a variety of subjects when I homeschool my children, and I've found it to be handy for religion as well. A Little Bit About "Notebooking Pages" for kids I am very influenced by Charlotte Mason in our homeschool. Notebooking pages are one of the tools we use for "narrating" what the kids … [Read more...]

Saint Costume Contest Winners!

Our first annual Saint costume share was a success! Last week, I showed you my kid's Saint costumes, and invited you to share yours. Here are the costumes that got the most likes on facebook. First, we have Saint Pope John Paul II. He's standing with 2 martyred Swiss guards. This picture actually got shared on the official Swiss Guard facebook page! Linda shares a little bit of the costume … [Read more...]

CCC Sale Is BACK! 60% Off Through July 17

I know many of you were disappointed when CCC sold out of their Saint movies during their Summer sale, but they restocked and brought the sale back! From now through July 17, you can still get 60% off of their movies! You can read all my reviews of their titles here. Coupon Code: SUMMER60 According to Liz, the shipping is also cheaper this time around- just $5.69 for 2 DVD's. So now is the … [Read more...]

Religious Christmas Crafts for Kids

Looking for some crafts that reveal the true meaning of the Advent and Christmas seasons? Check out all of my resources for crafts for Advent through the Epiphany here. Also, you can find all of my Advent and Christmas resources for Catholic families here. … [Read more...]