Transform Your Prayer Life With Prayer Box Dividers

I usually post stuff on this site for your kids, but today, this post is for YOU. God is calling you to have a personal relationship and prayer life with him. I started realizing, if I'm not cultivating my personal relationship with Jesus, what am I doing the rest of this stuff for? This is what it's all about! As I started feeling a strong calling to strengthen my prayer life, a friend of mine … [Read more...]

Free Trinity Printables: Coloring Page, Sign Of The Cross & Glory Be Fill In

Hey ya'll! Looking for some resources for teaching kids about the Trinity? These will really help out with pre-school and early elementary kids! This free downloadable pack comes with multiple versions of everything, with and without words. So smaller kids can just trace the missing words, and bigger kids can write them in themselves. And here is my little Ana-banana-belle practicing hers! … [Read more...]

DIY Grace Before Meals Table Runner- the easy version!

Last year I made a bunch of table runners with the Catholic dinner prayer on them and I gave them out as Christmas presents. I used a faux batik technique, and they were beautiful, and I love them, but they were a lot of work. I got a lot of suggestions from my readers to try doing the same thing with a bleach pen, and I wanted to make a harvest colored one for Thanksgiving, so I gave it a whirl. … [Read more...]

Praying For The Dead With Kids

Did you know that praying for the dead is a Spiritual Work of Mercy? I love that the Catholic church has so much beauty built into her Liturgical calendar that there is a season for everything. This way, we remember to do things we would otherwise forget. If you think you've "missed" praying for the dead this year if you've been busy with All Saints' Day parties up until now, think again. … [Read more...]

Notebooking With Catholic Kids- Printable “Our Father” Copywork

Hi, everyone! I know it's been awhile, but I'd like to pick up right where I left off... continuing on with our Religious notebooking project. Many of you have been requesting more of these notebooking pages, so today I'm posting some printable "Our Father" prayer copywork pages. They go with pages 54-55 in Tell Me About The Catholic Faith (TMACF), or any other Our Father resource you would rather … [Read more...]

Encouraging Independent Prayer For Kids- A Tool To Get Started

For Lent, I'm really trying to get the message of pray, fast, & give alms to my kids. I'm working to include each aspect, and I wanted them to be doing some independent prayer. We have used my independent prayer rings in the past, but it's always nice to offer something new- I love having multiple tools in my toolbox! So this Lent, my kids are using Michelle's Give Him 5 Program for all 40 … [Read more...]

Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics- Printable

Last week, I introduced you all to the Scripture Memory system we're starting to use. It's an easy way to get started with scripture memory. Come on, Catholics, we can do this!!! ;-) At first, I thought we were basically starting from scratch. Then I realized that us Catholics know a lot more scripture than we realize we do! So I put together some printable Scripture Memory Cards for … [Read more...]

Printable Prayer Starters for Kids- Teaching Independent Prayer

It's great that we pray with our kids at Mass, at bedtime, at rosary, and before we eat. However, no matter how many times a day we manage to pray with out kids, it's still important to teach them to pray independently. After all, we're not going to be there with them in the dorm room reminding them to say their bedtime prayers, are we? So I developed these prayer starters to help Lydia get … [Read more...]

Why Kids Should Write Their Prayers- The Importance of Copywork

Copywork has an important place in education. We have decided to copy all of the major prayers for Lydia's First Holy Communion journal, and here's why. Do you see that? That's a monk swimmin'. Doesn't ring any bells? Well, it's a line in the Hail Mary prayer. Remember? "...Blessed art thou, a monk swimmin', and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus." Oh, wait. That's right- it's … [Read more...]

Encouraging Kids to Kneel- How to Make an Easy Kneeler

Kneeling is an important part of our faith, and is referenced in scripture many times. 1 Ephesians 3:14 "For this reason I kneel before the Father" Acts 9:40 "Peter sent them all out and knelt down and prayed." Kneeling is a sign of humbleness before God, and this is definitely something we want to teach to our kids! :-) We kneel in Mass, and that's easy because (generally), kneelers … [Read more...]