Catholic Fruits Of The Holy Spirit Printable For Kids {7 Craft Ideas!}

When choosing resources to teach kids about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, you have to be sure that they’re Catholic so that they include all 12 fruits (rather than only 9).

I recently came out with this song to teach Catholic kids the fruits of the Spirit, and now I came out with this printable to go along with it! 🙂

Download your Fruits of the Spirit Craft now!

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This printable Fruits Of The Holy Spirit bundle is very versatile- I’m going to show you 7 different crafts you can make all from this one download!

Fruits of the Spirit Coloring

First off, this download can be used as a simple coloring page for Catholic kids. It’s available from the download in both print and in cursive.

Fruits of the Spirit Hat Craft

This was possibly my kid’s favorite thing we did with the fruits- a big silly fruit “hat”! Measure a strip of paper to fit their head, and attach it in a loop with some tape.

Add a piece of card stock in a half circle to attach the fruits to. That’s it- put the fruits on there with a glue stick! 🙂

Fruits of the Spirit Fruit Basket Craft

Also in the download pack, I included a printable fruit basket. Start by coloring the basket. Then you’ll want to cut it out on the outside lines.

On the inside lines, fold the sides of the basket up, and attach them together with clear tape.

Also cut the handle out and attach with tape.

The fronts of the fruit baskets say “Fruits of the Spirit” and the handles have scripture on them about bearing good fruit. I’m going to admit that while this did not photograph the cutest, my girls loved carrying their fruit around in these baskets and they were really easy to assemble. This craft is a win!

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Tree That Bears Good Fruit Craft

There’s also a printable page with a tree and, again, the scripture about bearing good fruit.

Just color the tree and glue your fruit all over it! Perfect for preschoolers!

Hanging Ribbon Fruits Of The Spirit Craft

This one is so simple but really cute! Get a long piece of ribbon. Place your Holy Spirit dove at the top (we used the small one). Then Glue your fruits down the ribbon. Hang when it’s dry. This came out so cute!

Fruits Of The Spirit Puppets

This is maybe the most adorable craft of the bunch! Start by attaching googily eyes to your fruits…

How cute is this?! Then you can also glue them to popsicle sticks. Your kids are going to love these!

Fruits Of The Holy Spirit Mobile Craft

I mean… who doesn’t love a good mobile?!

For this one, I used the larger dove printable from the pack. Just attach the fruits with pieces of ribbon or yarn. Voila! Instant mobile!

Get Your Fruits Of The Spirit Craft Bundle Today! 🙂

You can download it now for just $2!

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