Make A Prayer Package- Helping Someone Through Loss, Grief, Or Trauma

When we are close to someone who currently experiencing loss, grief, or trauma, it can be hard to know what to do to help. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing we can do. When I experienced miscarriage and also going through my divorce, I had a lot of people that were amazing and helped tremendously. I also experienced people that meant well, but said or did unhelpful or even hurtful … [Read more...]

Baby Present Ideas for the Mother Who Already Has Everything

It's bound to happen in our awesome, Catholic, no-birth-control-using circles, right? You have a friend that's having a baby, and it's number 2, 3, 4, or 12. You love her and want to get something to celebrate this new life, and that's great! Trust me, there are plenty of things you need or want for your second baby that you don't already have. (Keep in mind, this list is coming from someone who … [Read more...]

Best Picture Books Of The Easter Story

I went on a quest to find the best picture books for kids that convey the true meaning of Easter for kids, and I want to share my findings with all of you! Even though these are reviews of these Easter picture books, no one payed me to write this and I purchased all the books with my own money, so this is not a skewed review- just me making some book suggestions to my friends. :-) I have … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas For Catholic Kids- And A Coupon Code!

Time for another round of "Lacy's Picks"! In these posts, I recommend Catholic children's products that I own, love, and recommend to my friends. These are not paid reviews. You can read more about Lacy's Picks and see my past recommended resources here. I meant to just concentrate on one product that I love at a time, but then Holy Heroes wrote and told me they would like to give Catholic … [Read more...]

First Reconciliation- How To Celebrate

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Although there doesn't seem to be any such thing as a "First Confession Party", it's still a major milestone in your child's life. Receiving a Sacrament is a big deal! So, how can you celebrate? Here are some ideas. Take the family out for vanilla ice cream afterward. I've heard sooooo many families do this that I'm going to go ahead … [Read more...]

Fun And Colorful Saint Book For Kids- Lacy’s Picks

I'm starting a new series called "Lacy's Picks" where I can feature kid products that are absolute favorites in our home. These are not paid reviews, but products that are my personal favorites that I recommend to my friends. Because that's how I like to think of ya'll - as friends. :-)  You can read more about Lacy's Picks here. Today I'm featuring a book I purchased for the kids for … [Read more...]

Prayers Are Answered in God’s Time, Not Our Own

On Easter Vigil this past weekend, my Daddy came into the Catholic Church! When I was 7 years old and received my First Holy Communion, I gave it up to my daddy and I prayed that someday he would become Catholic. I made this my tradition each  week, offering up my Communion and saying a prayer for him. Ever week I continued this until I was 15, and I realized that I had been praying for my … [Read more...]

Altar Server Peg Dolls

Find all of my peg doll resources here! Ok, these are the last of my Catholic peg dolls for now- check out our little altar servers! I love these little guys- they're my favorite! These are a little more complicated than the nun peg dolls or the priest peg dolls because in order to make them short, we actually sawed off the bottom of the pegs. Like, with an actual saw. I usually avoid … [Read more...]

How to Make Nun Peg Dolls for Catholic Kids

Find all of my peg doll resources here! This is a super cute and fun toy for Catholic kids. You don't have to special order expensive wooden peg doll parts to make these, and you don't have to be a great painter to pull this off either. Trust me, you can craft these adorable Catholic peg people- you really can. And you know what? These fun little Nun dolls make great Mass toys for little … [Read more...]

Surviving the Holidays- Celebrating Without Stress

We all have a lot going on, and the pressure to make the holidays merry and bright for everyone can become overwhelming to mothers very quickly. In 8 years of marriage, I have had 4 children, and lived in 10 different houses. Yes, that said 10. In fact, we just moved again 2 weeks ago. I have learned first hand how to pull off the holidays without melting down, even during transitional times. … [Read more...]