Pentecost Resources For Kids: Free Notebooking Page, Crafts, Songs, and More!

Continuing on with our Religious notebooking project, today I'm posting some printable Pentecost pages. They go with pages 62-63 in Tell Me About The Catholic Faith (TMACF), or any other Pentecost resource you would rather use with your kids. My Thoughts On These Pages in TMACF: I liked the way they told this story, and I also loved that they included a little box with a story of the … [Read more...]

Pentecost Sunday Celebration With Strawberry Cake- Happy Birthday To The Church!

As Pentecost is known as the birthday of the church, it seems to be traditional to make a "birthday cake" for the church on Pentecost Sunday! Be sure to check out more Pentecost Sunday ideas here! I usually see these covered in strawberries, and my guess for this reason is twofold: Number 1, the liturgical color of Pentecost is red, and strawberries are red. Number 2, strawberries are in … [Read more...]

Pentecost Crafts, Songs, Activities, And More!

Pentecost is coming up fast! We like to make a big deal about the Easter season lasting longer than Lent, so I do what I can to keep things going until Pentecost Sunday. One fun and simple thing to do is to wear red to Mass! Here are some other ways we like to celebrate Pentecost. Click the links for full directions on making each. Pentecost tongues of fire hat craft Pentecost "Sundaes" for … [Read more...]

Easy Pentecost Craft for Kids (And a Pentecost Song!)

I have seen this craft all over the internet, and I think it's just about the cutest and easiest craft for kids to make at Pentecost! Also, the kids love it, and it's a great way to teach them about what happened on the first Pentecost! Here's the Bible story of the Pentecost from Acts 2, 1-4: "When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit Craft- Make a Dove from a Paper Plate

We've been working on these Holy Spirit doves, just in time for Pentecost! They're really easy to make- my 6 year old loved this craft. You can stop at just a dove, or you can attach the gifts of the Holy Spirit to learn a little something extra. :-) This craft would be perfect for Baptisms, Confirmation, or anything else to do with the Holy Spirit- not just Pentecost. Supplies … [Read more...]

Celebrate Pentecost Sunday with “Pentecost Sundaes”

Ok, I just loved the Divine Mercy Sundaes so much that you can pretty much expect "Liturgical Sundaes" to become a staple here. :-) It's such an easy way to celebrate- no prep, just serving time and delicious celebration of Pentecost Sunday with your kids! (No cooking involved is such a big plus for me!) I'm very excited about these Pentecost Sundaes because they are chock full of Holy Spirit … [Read more...]

Printable Easter Countdown Calendar

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! Did you know that there are 50 days in the Easter season? Not one, but 50! That's even more days than there are in lent! The Easter season begins with Easter Sunday, and ends with Pentecost. In order to help my kids and I remember that the Easter season is an ongoing thing, I made this religious Easter countdown calendar … [Read more...]

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Teaching Tools

Pentecost is coming up on Sunday, which is a great time to learn about the Holy Spirit! You might also want to teach your kids about the holy spirit around a baptism, confirmation, or when studying the Trinity! Here are some crafts to help teach your kids or class about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Ten Kids and a Dog made this Gifts of the Holy Spirit Windsock!   For directions … [Read more...]

Who’s Ready to Celebrate Pentecost?

Pentecost is coming up this Sunday- 50 days after Easter (the official end of the Easter Season). It is also the birthday of the church. On Pentecost, the holy spirit came upon the 12 apostles and gave them "tongues of fire". Because of this, the color for Pentecost is red and is often symbolized with fire. You also see a lot of doves for Pentecost because doves are the most common symbol of the … [Read more...]