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Movable Feast Days Following Pentecost Sunday

The church year is so intricate and beautiful! And sometimes... a little hard to keep up with haha. Before Catholic Icing was my full time job, there was so much that I failed to understand about the church year, but I'm here to bring you in on a little secret today; there is a whole string of super cool feast days following Pentecost Sunday!  So I made the little image above to help … [Read more...]

How And Why To Celebrate Pentecost With Your Kids

We are going to look at celebrating Pentecost with your Catholic kids by breaking down what happened on the first Pentecost. Sometimes looking at a break down of the different parts of the day we are celebrating helps to spark an idea for how to celebrate it. After all, the whole point of doing these fun celebration activities is so that our kids learn the meaning behind the feast day. :-) You can … [Read more...]

Pentecost Resources For Kids: Free Notebooking Page, Crafts, Songs, and More!

We have been continuing on our journey of religious notebooking, and today we covered the topic of Pentecost Sunday! I have been creating these notebooking pages as a series to go along with the book Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, but you could certainly use these to teach kids about the first Pentecost whether or not you are reading that book. You can find the entire 130 page pack of matching … [Read more...]

Pentecost Sunday Celebration With Strawberry Cake- Happy Birthday To The Church!

As Pentecost is known as the birthday of the church, it seems to be traditional to make a "birthday cake" for the church on Pentecost Sunday! You can find all of my Holy Spirit resources for kids here. Be sure to check out more Pentecost Sunday ideas here! Pentecost Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas There are so many ways to make a Pentecost birthday cake for the church! Here are some reader … [Read more...]

Ideas For Celebrating Pentecost With Kids: Crafts, Activities, And More

Pentecost Sunday is around the corner, and those of us who like to celebrate the liturgical year at home, we are looking for ideas to celebrate Pentecost with our kids! If you would like to learn a little more about Pentecost, why we celebrate, and what the different parts of the feast day are, I would highly suggest for you to read my post "How And Why To Celebrate Pentecost With Your Kids". … [Read more...]

Easy Pentecost Craft for Kids (And a Pentecost Song!)

Are you looking to celebrate Pentecost with your Catholic kids? Well you have come to the right place! This "tongues of fire" craft is scriptural, liturgical, and super fun! In my experience, kids always love wearable crafts. This is pretty easy to make, too, so it's a win win. ;-) You can find all of my Holy Spirit resources for kids here. You can find all of my Pentecost resources … [Read more...]

Celebrate Pentecost Sunday with “Pentecost Sundaes”

Ok, I just loved the Divine Mercy Sundaes so much that you can pretty much expect "Liturgical Sundaes" to become a staple here. :-) It's such an easy way to celebrate- no prep, just serving time and delicious celebration of Pentecost Sunday with your kids! (No cooking involved is such a big plus for me!) You can find all of my Holy Spirit resources for kids here. Celebrating Pentecost Sunday with … [Read more...]

Strawberry Sandwich Cupcake Recipe (No Cake Decorating Skills Needed!)

When celebrating with kids, I always love to include some fun food! Doesn't delicious food always seem to take an ordinary day and make it more into a party? Cake is one of our favorite ways to celebrate, and I love this strawberry sandwich cupcake recipe. It's also a winner with the kids! Simple, includes actual fruit, and no decorating skills are needed. This is my kind of recipe.  I … [Read more...]

Easiest Catholic RE Program For At Home EVER!

Who else has had enough of 2020 and is ready to push the "easy" button?! Some families are able to return to Mass in person, others still can't. Either way, many Catholics right now are limited with religious ed programs they can have their children in, leaving us teaching them ourselves from home. And you know what? That's ok. I'm going to hold your hand and provide you with that easy button for … [Read more...]

The Best Catholic Children’s Bibles (Choices For All Ages!)

When you're first starting out building your Catholic children's library, it can feel very overwhelming, and quite frankly... expensive!!! Starting out your liturgical library with a good children's bible can make all the difference, and today I would like to share some of my favorites with you. You can find all of my bible resources for Catholic kids here. Today we are going to dive into the best … [Read more...]