Pentecost Resources For Kids: Free Notebooking Page, Crafts, Songs, and More!

We have been continuing on our journey of religious notebooking, and today we covered the topic of Pentecost Sunday! I have been creating these notebooking pages as a series to go along with the book Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, but you could certainly use these to teach kids about the first Pentecost whether or not you are reading that book. You can find the entire 130 page pack of matching notebooking pages here

pentecost notebooking pages- free to print

You can find all of my Holy Spirit resources for kids here.

My Thoughts On These Pages in TMACF:

I liked the way they told this story, and I also loved that they included a little box with a story of the Ascension. Now, this book moves through a lot of material really fast, which is something I love about this book, but sometimes things get left out that I feel needed to be there. When teaching kids about Pentecost, I always like to emphasize that they waited in prayer for 9 days for the Holy Spirit to come, which is why we pray novenas. So when you read this page, I suggest you insert that little tid bit to your kiddos. 🙂

My Printables:

This page comes with a little coloring page at the top, and a place for them to write in what stuck with them from the reading. It’s always interesting to me to see what stuck out to the kids.

Download the Pentecost pages here

pentecost notebooking page

As with all the other free downloads in this series, there’s also a page where a sentence can be traced for kids that are too young to write their own sentences.

pentecost printable notebooking page

The Pack Is Now Ready For Download!!!

Edited to say- the whole pack of these notebooking pages is now complete, and you can get your set here!

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Additional Resources:

Sing the Pentecost song! Tune of “Are You Sleeping”

Tongues of fire, tongues of fire,

driving wind, driving wind,

Holy Spirit’s coming! Holy Spirit’s coming!

Let Him in. Let him in.

pentecost small

More Pentecost Resources For Kids:

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Book of Centuries: 

Definitely you can add Pentecost to your book of centuries! It’s so easy to forget to put the Religious stuff in there, but it’s just as much a part of History as anything else that goes in there and it’s so great for kids to see this stuff going down in History with the other real stuff. (Read- the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy will never be making an appearance in the Book of Centuries.)

You can find all the links to this series here.

free catholic notebooking pages- tell me about the catholic faith

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    Good post

  2. Luella Sprbeck says

    Thank you so much for everything that you do! My daughter loves the sheets that you come up with and asks almost everyday if we can read the book so that she can work on your creations. We just love it!

  3. We are excited to use Tell Me About the Catholic Faith in our homeschool this year, and are so thankful for all the printables you made available free of charge! They are awesome! I was wondering whether you planned on completing the rest of the series or if you found a different resource that worked better for the second half of the book? Thank you so much!