Mary Magdalene And The Red Egg

Eggs are a long symbol for Christians at Easter, and for good reason! The outside resembles the rock of a tomb, and then new life springs forth as a baby bird! But did you know why we decorate eggs at Easter time?     It is said that Mary Magdalene met with Tiberius Caesar after Jesus' resurrection, and she was carrying an egg. She proclaimed to him "Christ has Risen!" He … [Read more...]

Religious Easter Craft for Kids — Make a Resurrection Set! {It’s Printable!}

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! I've been working on something that I've had in my head since last Easter, and I'm very excited to reveal it to you today- my new Printable Resurrection Set! We all put nativity sets out at Christmas time, and I'm not sure why resurrection sets aren't more popular. So I made a printable version that's the counterpart … [Read more...]

Mary Magdalen Feast Day Ideas

Mary Magdalen's feast day is coming up on July 22. When she met Jesus, she was sorry for her sinful ways, and used her long beautiful hair to clean his feet- then anointed them with expensive perfume. She was present at our Lord's crucifixion, and at the empty tomb. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate her feast day :-) Try making some simple rose perfume in memory of Mary Magdalen … [Read more...]