One Activity For Each Sunday Of Easter- Celebrating The Octave Of Easter

In the interest of celebrating the entire Easter season with Catholic kids (it lasts for 50 whole days!!!) I made this list of things you can do each Sunday of Easter with your kids. These are all things that you do while at church on Sunday after mass, and the activities generally involve very little prep. Easter is also a great time to get to know the Mass better, and I highly recommend … [Read more...]

Celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday And Saint John Paul II With Kids

Here is a round-up of my ideas for celebrating the Divine Mercy, along with some ideas for celebrating (almost) St. John Paul II (since he instituted Divine Mercy Sunday)! :-) New ideas included this year! Over the past couple of years, I've posted a lot of ideas for teaching your kids about Divine Mercy. Divine Mercy Sunday falls the Sunday after Easter each year.  Here are some ideas for … [Read more...]

Printable Peg Dolls- Just Paint The Head And Decoupage The Rest!

I have wanted a set of Catholic peg Saints pretty much since I first saw them somewhere around 5 years ago. However, there were 2 really big deterrents that stood in my way: Buying hand-painted peg dolls is really expensive. Painting wooden peg dolls myself is extremely time-consuming. But now, I invented a secret option number 3 for you guys... Printable Saint peg … [Read more...]

Craft a Divine Mercy Novena Counter for Kids

Find all of my Divine Mercy Ideas here. Divine Mercy Sunday is the Sunday after Easter, so if you're looking to pray a novena with your family, you start on Good Friday. Crafting this Divine Mercy Novena counter is a great way to get children involved in the novena process. :-) The idea to make a novena counter like this was submitted to me by Happy Catholic Home last year. You can see her … [Read more...]

Craft Religious Medals with Kids

This is so easy to do and my kids have been loving it! On May 1, Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope John Paul II is being beatified! :-) So this week, we've been making Divine Mercy medals and JPII crucifixes! This is easier to do than it looks. All you need is polymer clay, and a few religious medals. You can get polymer clay (like sculpey or fimo) from a craft store, or even Wal-Mart, and … [Read more...]

Divine Mercy and St. Faustina Crafts, Printables, and More

Divine Mercy Sunday is coming up soon! If you're not familiar with St. Faustina and the appearances of Jesus, I would encourage you to read up! It's a great story and devotion. The most obvious things to do to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday would be to go to confession, and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. If you've got that all under control, be sure and check out some of these ideas. :-) I … [Read more...]

Printable Easter Countdown Calendar

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipes for kids here! Did you know that there are 50 days in the Easter season? Not one, but 50! That's even more days than there are in lent! The Easter season begins with Easter Sunday, and ends with Pentecost. In order to help my kids and I remember that the Easter season is an ongoing thing, I made this religious Easter countdown calendar … [Read more...]

Divine Mercy Jesus Craft

Catholic ABC's Week: 9 Letter of the week: D Theme: Divine Mercy Jesus Saint of the Week: St. Denis Craft: Divine Mercy Jesus Statue This week we are learning about the letter "D" and Divine Mercy Jesus. Jesus appeared to St. Faustina, and asked her to have a painting madeof this vision with the words "Jesus I Trust in You". The two rays represent Blood and Water. Ifyou're curious, you … [Read more...]

Tie Dye Catholic Shirts- Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, and Divine Mercy

After finding these Tie Dyed Sacred Heart Shirts online, I just had to make some! We made a Sacred Heart shirt for my son, and Immaculate Heart shirts for me and the girls. Then my daughter insisted that "Daddy needs one", so I made a "Divine Mercy" shirt for him. (I didn't think my husband wanted to wear a shirt with a heart on it). For anyone who doesn't know, the feast of the Sacred Heart … [Read more...]

Divine Mercy Sunday Ideas for Kids

Divine Mercy Sunday is this Sunday! The story is that Jesus appeared to St. Faustina and asked her to have a picture of him painted as he appeared to her. He wanted the words "Jesus I Trust in You" included on the picture. You can read more about this story here. Here is an example of the picture: Ok, now for the "Icing" ;-) I love the idea for these Divine Mercy Cupcakes I found over … [Read more...]