Printable Advent Countdown Calendar For Catholic Kids

Advent is almost upon us and this year I have something extra special to share with you- a printable countdown calendar for your kids! And it's FREE for the first 3 days, so download yours and share the link NOW! On the first Sunday of Advent, the download is going to cost $1. Welcome to Catholic Icing- a place where you can find fun resources for Catholic kids year round! If you would like to … [Read more...]

Coloring Your Own Advent Candles The Easy Way

This year, we made our own Advent Candles again... this time from dripping crayons with the hair dryer! Finding Advent candles is always a challenge for Catholics this time of year. Pink and purple aren't typical Christmas colors, so they can be hard to hunt down. Sometimes they have the packs of taper candles, but they have trouble lasting the whole season. And ordering or finding pink … [Read more...]

Advent Wreath Craft for Catholic Kids

We're getting ready for Advent around here, and I love making Advent wreaths with my kids. Last year we made a functional Advent wreath craft with birthday cake candles, and we love those! This year we tried something a little different that's cheaper and easier for little kids.  Craft Supplies Needed to Make these Advent wreaths: Pipe Cleaners (1 Green and 2 Yellow per wreath) Pony … [Read more...]

Craft an Easter Candle with Kids

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! Making an Easter candle (also known as a Paschal Candle) to use at home can be a great religious Easter tradition for your family! The ones we made were made were super easy to do, and I used candles from the Dollar Tree, so this project seriously only cost us $1. These are so much easier to make than it first … [Read more...]

Designing a Paschal Candle- by Guest Blogger Ingrid Lee

Easter for me is a time of reflection, it's a really special time and place where I can go within myself and make that connection to God within and truly explore the spirit of Lent and Easter. I usually do the flower arranging in our Church at St Jude's Parish for Holy Thursday, using the white roses and other Australian Native flowers around the parish, which I really enjoy. But last year I was … [Read more...]

Candlemas Activity and Craft

I wrote this post for Candlemas last year, but most of you weren't readers back then and I really liked this idea, so I thought I'd run it again. You can also check out my post from last year on ideas for celebrating Candlemas here, and my roundup of candle crafts and food ideas here. St. Blaise's feast day is also coming up on February 3, so these candle crafts will be useful for him as well! … [Read more...]

This Little Light of Mine Craft

Catholic ABC's Week: 17 Letter of the week: L Theme: Light (This Little Light of Mine) Saint of the Week: St. Lucy (and btw, Lucy means "light") Craft: This Little Light of Mine Supplies needed to complete this craft: (All of these supplies are available at the Dollar Tree) Disposable Punch Cups Plastic Tea Lights (or real tea lights) Assorted colors of tissue … [Read more...]

Religious Christmas Dinner Ideas

Looking for a way to Keep Christ in Christmas as you serve your roast beast? Well, here are a few cute ideas I have found on the internet. Cleverly share a Reading of the Christmas Story with your dinner guests- check this out on Inspiring Ideas.   Jeanne from Inspiring Ideas also prompts us to remember our true guest of honor at our dinner table this … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Lucy’s Feast Day for Beginners

On St. Lucy day (also know as St. Lucia Day) is just around the corner on December 13! On this day, it's a big tradition for the oldest girl in the family to dress in a white garment with a red sash (symbolizing martyrdom) with a St. Lucy crown on her head. She wakes up early and brings her family members sweet rolls (or 'Lucia buns') to their bed. Traditionally, this would be saffron bread (find … [Read more...]

DIY Paschal Candle for Home

I've never had a Paschal Candle for my home, but I plan on crafting some with my daughter and little brother this year! Read more about Paschal Candles in the home over on Catholic Culture. Our Domestic Church shares an excellent post on Making a Paschal Candle for the Home. Homeschool Goodies has a super easy Paschal Candle idea and shares the link to the printable so you can do it … [Read more...]