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Dozens Of Easy Paint Recipes For Kids

There are lot of different homemade paints that are easy to whip up at home, and in a lot of cases you may already have the ingredients you need! I love process art for kids, and playing with different mediums is a great way to get their creative juices flowing. Let's check out these easy paint recipes for kids. I think these are going to be easier and more fun than you might think! I … [Read more...]

Our Lady of Fatima For Kids (Crafts, Printables, Recipes, And More!)

The feast day of Our Lady Of Fatima lands each year on May 13, and this is a super fun feast day to celebrate when living the liturgical year at home with your Catholic kids! (The anniversary of the miracle of the spinning sun is on October 13, so that is a great day for these activities as well!) This is such a really fun story and miracle to celebrate with kids, and there are lots of ways to … [Read more...]

Celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday With Kids (Printables, Crafts, Recipes, More!)

The story of the Good Shepherd is such a great Bible story to teach children! I always find that when I reach kids on their own level with fun, hands-on activities, it helps them learn the story and retain it longer. You can find all of my Bible crafts for kids here. Good Shepherd Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Easter, and this is absolutely a perfect time to learn all about the story of the Good … [Read more...]

Delicious Cookie Recipes (20 Yummy Options!)

If you want to wow your guests with the most delicious cookies in the world, look no further! These tasty cookie recipes may not be the healthiest, and they may not be the cheapest or the easiest to make... but what they cost you in calories they make up for in yummy!!! Some of these you've probably never heard of, others a classics. Today let's take a look at these delicious cookie … [Read more...]

Cookie Recipes- Chocolate Galore! (15+ Recipes For Chocoholics)

If you are looking for the best most yummy chocolate cookie recipes ever, you have come to the right place! I have a list of delicious cookie recipes- chocolate chocolate chocolate! These tasty chocolate cookie recipes are sure to leave you reaching for a tall glass of milk. There are recipes here from around the world, some with dark chocolate, some with milk chocolate, some with chocolate chips, … [Read more...]

Food for Marian Feast Days (Ideas And Recipes For Your Celebration)

For any Mary feast day or occasion you're celebrating, you can't go wrong with blue- Our Lady's color! :-) Flowers are also a lovely choice for honoring Mary. So here are some ideas to help you out for the remainder of May (our Lady's month!). So let's check out some recipe ideas for Mary feast days.    I now have the recipe for this special queenship of Mary cake which would … [Read more...]

May Crowning Ideas For The Home (Fun Traditions, Activities, And Recipes)

May is the month of Mary. It is a tradition in the Catholic church to crown Mary with flowers during the month of May. It can be done at any time during the month, but May 1 (also known as "May Day") is a very popular day for it ;-) You can use real flowers, or make a crown from fake flowers. I have a post here all about how to plan your own May crowning. Today let's look at some May crowning … [Read more...]

Holy Week Food Ideas: Themed And Meaningful Recipes

Lent is probably my favorite time to live the liturgical year at home with my kids, and holy week is when it all comes to a head! Today, I want to share some food ideas and recipes that you can make with or for your kids during Holy Week. I now have an entire cookbook full of symbolic Holy Week and Easter recipes! I hope these holy week recipes bring your family together and help everyone stay … [Read more...]

Great Lent Meal Plan (Free Printable Plan With Shopping Lists!)

Lenten meals can be hard to plan, especially for Eastern Catholics that fast from so many things during the season! While Roman Catholics abstain from meat (not fish) on Fridays during Lent, Eastern Catholics have a lot more items they fast from, and for all the days of Lent, not just Fridays. You can read 6 Ways Byzantine Lent is different from Roman Catholic Lent here. Now let's take a look at … [Read more...]

Printable Lenten Calendar 2022

This Lenten calendar is an amazing way to count down the days of Lent with even the smallest children! They can see the 40 days pass by and see Easter approaching! The whole thing fits on just one page, so you can easily print them for an entire classroom! This is the perfect way to help your children understand the true meaning of Lent and keep their Lenten sacrifices on track. Let's take a look … [Read more...]