Celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday With Kids (Printables, Crafts, Recipes, More!)

The story of the Good Shepherd is such a great Bible story to teach children! I always find that when I reach kids on their own level with fun, hands-on activities, it helps them learn the story and retain it longer. You can find all of my Bible crafts for kids here. Good Shepherd Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Easter, and this is absolutely a perfect time to learn all about the story of the Good shepherd with kids, so let’s take a look at some printables, crafts, songs, and even recipes to help you teach your kids this week. 

For this time while many of us can’t attend Mass, be sure to check out all of my weekly Mass resources for kids. There are so many great resources in that post including ideas for spiritual communion, sending your angel to Mass for you, and resources that update weekly! 

First off, read the story of the Good Shepherd to your kids from you children’s bible. It’s always good to start with a version of the story that they can understand.

Teaching The Good Shepherd Story In A Hands On Way

I can attest to preschoolers LOVING this story and activity because I taught it for years in my preschool co-op class. In fact, it’s a part of my preschool curriculum for kids- Catholic ABC’s. Good news!!! I have a completely free Good shepherd printable and script available for you! This shepherd and little sheep print and glue around toilet paper tubes to become sturdy. My free script will show you exactly how to teach the good shepherd activity to kids once you have your pieces made. I highly recommend doing this with your kids to learn about the story of the Good Shepherd! Find the printable and directions here. 

Free Good Shepherd Printables For Kids

Let’s start with a list of some free printables. 

“We Are His Sheep” Crafts For Kids

I have  a Good Shepherd craft here that is perfect for preschoolers. The little legs say “We are his sheep”. So cute! And the final result can stand on its own. You probably have everything you need for this one around your house!

I just love the idea of making lamb masks with kids! This goes with the “We are his sheep” idea. What a better way to understand that you are one of the sheep than to actually make yourself a sheep?! Plus, my experience with young kids has taught me that they always love a wearable craft. Danya Banya has some great directions for crafting your own lamb masks.

Craft Without Shopping:

Depending on the kind of supplies you have at home, here are some easy sheep crafts you can make with your kids listed by the kind of supply they are made out of. This will help you craft without needing to shop! 🙂 (each link goes to a full picture tutorial that will walk you through completing the craft). I also divided the list to have one set for younger kids, and one set of sheep crafts appropriate for older kids. 

Sheep crafts for preschoolers and lower elementary kids:

Sheep crafts for upper elementary and up:

Also, kids of every age can enjoy my free how to draw a lamb video, and all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil! 🙂

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Good Shepherd Food And Snack Ideas

For dinner, why not make a shepherd’s pie?! I have a super easy shepherd’s pie recipe here

Catholic Inspired has these super cute lamb cupcakes! Be sure to click over for her excellent step by step directions on how to make these yourself. 

For a healthy sheep snack idea, I have made little sheep out of cauliflower and black olives for our stations of the resurrection tea.

To make a “Good Shepherd Sundae” for Good Shepherd Sunday, try these fun lamb ice cream treats from Sippy Cup Mom.

I have a whole round up of lamb and sheep dessert ideas here, so don’t miss that if you’re looking for more fun Good Shepherd snack ideas.

Part Of The Easter Season

Remember, it’s still the Easter season until Pentecost! We observed lent for 40 days- we may as well celebrate for all 50 days of the Easter season as well! 🙂

More Mass Resources For Kids!!!

Definitely check out my Mass resources for kids that are good year round! I have links to websites that update each week for the Gospel and weekly readings that include:

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  • Lesson plans
  • Printables
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