Day of the Dead Arts and Crafts Roundup

All Souls’ Day is coming up on November 2- this is also known as the Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos). I love all the colorful skulls used to celebrate this day in Mexico! I’m a really colorful person- I know… total shocker! 😛

You can read more about the Day of the Dead as a Catholic celebration here.

I love these painted sugar skull rocks from Color Me Happy! I think kids would have a really fun time creating these!

Check out these Sugar Skull pizzas from Fork & Beans. Kids would love helping to make these, and then there’s no craft left to save once you eat dinner! 😉


These Day of the Dead Lanterns from Growing Up Bilingual are simple, fun, cheap, and easy! And you probably have these supplies sitting around your house. All of my favorite qualities in a craft! 🙂


Sugar skulls are super traditional for this day.
You can get skull molds at the Dollar Tree. Just sayin’.

These Sugar Skull Marshmallow Pops from are genious becasue no mold is necessary, and even small kids could help with these cuties!

I love these easy Sugar Skull masks made with paper plates from Scrumdilly-do

And also from Growing Up Bilingual is this adorable sugar skull fruit pizza. Love it!

If you’re still itching for more Day of the Dead craft ideas, check out my Day of the Dead Pinterest board. 🙂

And to repeat what I said about Lydia’s Sugar Skull Costume

It’s true that the Day of the Dead does have some traditions that are rooted from the Aztec natives from Mexico. Catholics, however, choose to see the Day of the Dead as a day to pray for the souls in purgatory, which is a deeply Catholic belief and tradition. In fact, Protestant Christians do not believe in praying for the dead, as they don’t believe in purgatory. It is a practice which Catholics get from 2 Macabees in the Bible, a book which Protestants are missing from their Bibles.

Also, many many traditions are rooted in previous pagan practices, such as the Christmas tree, the Advent wreath, many Saint feast celebrations such as St. Brigid, etc. And the Catholic church has always worked to somewhat absorb these secular traditions the people did not want to culturally let go of, and turn them into feast celebrations, using them as an instrument to point to our Lord and Savior. I find this ability of the Catholic church absolutely savvy. 🙂

Happy celebrating everyone!


  1. Amazing_Grace says

    Oh, these are great!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Man I knew I should have grabbed those ice trays at Dollar Tree for something! Maybe they'll be on clearance next time I get there… 🙂 Great ideas!

  3. Oh, these are great!! Thanks for sharing!

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