How To Plan A May Crowning For Kids

Planning a Marian Coronation is not as hard as you might think, and a May crowing ceremony is a great way to recognize Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth! I'll start with the basics. The month of May is dedicated to Mary. It's traditional to have a May crowning on May 1 (also known as May Day) but you can do it any time during the month of May. The Essentials- A Mary Statue And A … [Read more...]

Mary Crafts And Activities For Catholic Kids

I've been designing Catholic crafts for kids now for... well 13 years. Wow! I didn't realize exactly how many Mary crafts I have made over that time, but it's a lot! So I decided to make this one easy-to-navigate directory to help ya'll find them all. Definitely share and save this link- it will be updated when I come out with new Marian content for kids. Our Lady of Lourdes Printable pop up … [Read more...]

Our Lady Of Fatima Craft For Catholic Kids Of All Ages

The feast of Our Lady of Fatima is May 13, and the anniversary of the miracle of the spinning sun is October 13! Celebrating these feasts with Catholic kids is super fun, and I especially love telling the kids the REACH of that miracle! It happened in front of the eyes of over 70,000 people and gained attention worldwide! It is still one of the most famous miracles of all time, and a great day to … [Read more...]

Honoring Mary in the Month of May with Kids

Here's my post from a few years ago about honoring Mary in May. I have links to all of my May Crowning resources at the bottom of this post. I hope your family is blessed with some ideas. :-) Since the month of May is dedicated to Mary, it's a great time to honor her with your little ones! Some years, our family has a May crowning or makes a May altar for Mary. This year, our … [Read more...]

Mary Printables For Catholic Kids

Here's a round-up of Marian Printables. There's still some time in May (Our Lady's Month) to have fun with these, but really Mary stuff is fun year round ;-)   Check out this Hail Mary copy work for kids- use it to make sure they know the actual words to the Hail Mary prayer. I designed these printable Mary pop up dioramas for kids- great for every age! They're all available in … [Read more...]

St. Joan of Arc Coloring Page

St. Joan of Arc's feast day is on May 30, which is this Sunday. I just had to share this coloring sheet with you because I think the coloring pages from Catholic Heritage Curricula are absolutely beautiful! They actually have a whole page of Free Curricula! :-) St. Joan of Arc Coloring Sheets Page 1, Page 2 Happy Coloring! :-) … [Read more...]

Food for Marian Feast Days

For any Mary feast day or occasion you're celebrating, you can't go wrong with blue- Our Lady's color! :-) Flowers are also a lovely choice for honoring Mary. So here are some ideas to help you out for the remainder of May (our Lady's month!). Head over to Savory Sweet Life for directions on piping these blue flower cupcakes. Family at the Foot of the Cross made this blue lemonade … [Read more...]

Mary Art Project for Kids

My preschooler crafted Mary, Queen of Heaven, as a handprint project- and I'm very happy with the results! :-) This would be a perfect craft for a May crowning, or just a fun art project for Catholic kids anytime! Completed Project Start by having your child stamp his or her foot, hand, and fingers. (There are 12 "star" fingerprints around Mary) Read more about Mary's stars I … [Read more...]

Art for Our Lady- Trading Card Swap!

Kimberlee at Pondered in My Heart is arranging a trading card swap of Mary artwork- made by you! There's no age limit- anyone may participate! Toddlers to Mommies, everyone is encouraged to make mini artworks and mail them to Kimberlee for trading. All the cards are to be 2.5 x 3.5 inches, and they need to be in by the end of May. She's asking for everyone who's participating to send 5 … [Read more...]

Our Lady and the Ladybug

Did you know that the lady bug is named for the virgin Mary? It is said that farmers were having their crops devoured by insects and prayed to Mary for help. Then red and black beetles came and ate all the insects, saving the crops! They named them "Beetles of Our Lady" which over time turned into "Ladybugs". You can read more about this legend here. Try some of these fun ladybug activities for … [Read more...]