Mary Crafts And Activities For Catholic Kids

I've been designing Catholic crafts for kids now for... well 13 years. Wow! I didn't realize exactly how many Mary crafts I have made over that time, but it's a lot! So I decided to make this one easy-to-navigate directory to help ya'll find them all. Definitely share and save this link- it will be updated when I come out with new Marian content for kids. Our Lady of Lourdes Printable pop up … [Read more...]

K is for King- Bible Alphabet Crafts For Kids

Happy Epiphany! (Ok, ok. I know in the USA they reschedule it to be on the closest Sunday, but traditionally, the Epiphany is on January 6th.) In any case, I've still been working on my Christian ABC's craft series, and we learned about "Kings" for the letter K, which seemed fitting to post on the Epiphany. :-) I love to make wearable crafts with preschoolers, because they love wearing … [Read more...]

How to Make an EASY (and cheap!) Crown of Thorns for Lent

These crown of thorns are so cheap and easy to make, you can make them with your whole classroom! (They're also great for at home, but easy enough for a classroom environment) Every child takes one home at the beginning of lent. Each time that child does a good deed or makes a sacrifice during lent, they get to remove a thorn from the crown. Check it out! What you need to craft these Lenten … [Read more...]

Christ the King Craft

Catholic ABC's Week: 16 Letter of the week: K Theme: King (Jesus is King or Christ the King) Saint of the Week: Blessed Kateri Craft: Jesus is King I knew I wanted to make "K" week about Jesus being king, but coming upwith a craft was harder than I thought it would be! I wanted it to be aclearly religious king craft. There are already so many secular kingcrafts out there, so there's no … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Lucy’s Feast Day for Beginners

On St. Lucy day (also know as St. Lucia Day) is just around the corner on December 13! On this day, it's a big tradition for the oldest girl in the family to dress in a white garment with a red sash (symbolizing martyrdom) with a St. Lucy crown on her head. She wakes up early and brings her family members sweet rolls (or 'Lucia buns') to their bed. Traditionally, this would be saffron bread (find … [Read more...]

Mary Art Project for Kids

My preschooler crafted Mary, Queen of Heaven, as a handprint project- and I'm very happy with the results! :-) This would be a perfect craft for a May crowning, or just a fun art project for Catholic kids anytime! Completed Project Start by having your child stamp his or her foot, hand, and fingers. (There are 12 "star" fingerprints around Mary) Read more about Mary's stars I … [Read more...]

May Crowning Ideas for the Home

May is the month of Mary. It is a tradition in the Catholic church to crown Mary with flowers during the month of May. It can be done at any time during the month, but May 1 (also known as "May Day") is a very popular day for it ;-) You can use real flowers, or make a crown from fake flowers. Here are some ideas if you're looking to have a May crowning at home!  Find a great tutorial on making … [Read more...]

Activities for Families Throughout Lent

Here are some things that I've seen you guys do to help keep your families on track for lent! Here you will find directions on how to make a salt dough crown of thorns with toothpicks. Every time your child makes a sacrifice, he or she removes a toothpick from the crown!Karen Edmisten posted about their Sacrifice beans- for every sacrifice your child makes, he or she places a bean in the jar. … [Read more...]

DIY Crowns

Here are some ideas for you to make a crown with or for your kids. There are many reasons you might make crowns throughout the liturgical year, one of them being for the epiphany, which just happens to be coming up very soon :-) I loved this crown! Click here for directions. This Crown is made from a Coffee Sleeve. This Lace Crown is a little more involved than most of these, … [Read more...]

Epiphany Crown Food Ideas

I found all kinds of crown cakes, king cakes, king breads, and everything else under the sun for celebrating the epiphany. So whether you're celebrating on the 3 or the 6 this year, I hope these ideas are useful for your epiphany party! Try Making Family Fun's Crown Cake for the Epiphany.I also found this Cute Crown Cake on from Bright Ideas. Here's a recipe for Epiphany Almond Cake. In … [Read more...]