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Printable Palms For Palm Sunday- FREE!

Hi friends. What a year we are having. I was going through my Palm Sunday resources for families and thinking about how this would be the first Palm Sunday in modern history where Catholics would not have access to palms for celebrating, and that made me sad for everyone. So I decided to do something a little unconventional, but with the hopes of bringing a little nostalgia to your homes this Palm … [Read more...]

Celebrate Palm Sunday (Crafts and Ideas for Kids)

Celebrating Palm Sunday with your family is a great way to live the liturgical year at home with your kids! It begins the last week of Lent, and there are a lot of fun and meaningful ways to celebrate Palm Sunday with your kids. You can find all of my Holy Week resources for families here. But now let's see how to kick it off with Palm Sunday!  Special For Those Who Can't Attend Palm … [Read more...]

Celebrate Palm Sunday With “Palm (Ice Cream) Sundaes”

I love celebrating feast days with kids with really fun food or recipes! Palm Sunday is always a big day at our house, and celebrating with ice cream sundaes is not only fun, but also easy for mom! You can find all of my holy week food ideas for kids here.  I'm such a fan of the Sunday/Ice Cream Sundae pun (obviously. See my Divine Mercy Sundaes, Trinity Sundaes, and Pentecost Sundaes). … [Read more...]

10 Things To Do With Palms From Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday brings out the crafter in every Catholic. It seems that everyone has something different to do with them. There are so many creative things you can do with your palms to display these beautiful blessed objects in your home through the year! We love to make crosses, roses, braids, and other designs from our Palms. You can find all of my Palm Sunday resources for families here. Today I … [Read more...]

Palm Sunday Craft for Kids

I love to teach my kids the stories from the Bible in fun and hands on ways, especially during Holy Week! Holy Week leads up to the most important day for Christians, which is Easter! It begins with Palm Sunday, and I like to make sure this is a special and memorable day at our house. We made these Palm Sunday crafts with handprint palms,  and footprint donkeys. So much fun! You can find all … [Read more...]

Ideas For Celebrating A Quarantined Easter Sunday

Well Easter Sunday is almost upon us, and with the world under a pandemic and many social distancing, a lot of us are going to be celebrating at home this year. And that's ok! I just wanted to send out this special edition post to offer some last minute ideas for making your Easter celebrations at home meaningful and easy for you. You can find all of my Christ centered ideas for celebrating Easter … [Read more...]

How To Fold A Palm Cross In 10 Easy Steps

This is a Catholic classic, and must be added to the library of Catholic crafts here at Catholic Icing. ;-) There are so many amazing ways to fold palms from Palm Sunday Mass, and I have a list of 10 things to do with your Palm Sunday palms here. Today I'm going to show you how to fold a palm cross in 10 easy steps!  Also, at the end, I am going to share a superstar tip with you to … [Read more...]

How To Make A Palm Spiral (So Easy!!!)

I love to fold palms from Palm Sunday into all kinds of creative shapes! I make crosses, braids, and more! Somehow, Palm Sunday just brings out the crafter in every Catholic. You can find 10 things to do with Palm Sunday Palms here. Palm spirals are beautiful, and absolutely one of the easiest things you can make out of your Palm Sunday palms! Today I'm going to show you exactly how to make a palm … [Read more...]

Symbolic Holy Week And Easter Cookbook (Great For Kids!)

Do you want to teach your kids the true meaning of the passion and resurrection story during this important church season? Don't let Holy Week pass by this year without involving your kids with the true Easter and resurrection story! The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is chock full of meaningful and symbolic recipes to engage your children in the true meaning of these Lent and Easter … [Read more...]

How To Make A Dollar Tree Lent Display

I love having a home altar in our house and switching it up for the liturgical seasons. Lent is one of my favorite seasons to observe in the home, and I love putting together a Lenten home altar each year! I decided to see how affordably I could put together a Lenten home altar and I am super happy with how this "Lentscape" came together with just $10 worth of stuff from the Dollar Tree! Let me … [Read more...]