How To Save On Arts And Crafts Supplies (Without Sacrificing Quality!)

Decent craft supplies can be the difference between a successful project, and a total flop. When I was an Art major in college, sometimes my supplies cost more than my books. That was back in the day. Now I'm a mom, and I'm always on the hunt for a bargain. I'm going to let you know when making arts and crafts with your kids, where you can cut corners. Basically, I am going to walk you through … [Read more...]

Spine For Catholic Religion Curriculum- Teaching Multiple Ages

My kids are ages 2, 4, 6, and 8. I currently homeschool everyone, and that includes our Religious Education. (Even when we do attend Religious Ed at our church, which we're not doing this year, I still teach Religion at home.) This year, we have been using Tell Me About The Catholic Faith (which I shorten to TMACF) as the spine for our Religion curriculum.   I don't want you to … [Read more...]

An Awesome Christmas CD For Catholic Kids

I rarely share and entire post here about just one thing you can buy, but when I do, it's because I've found a real gem, and Classical Kids Christmas is no exception to this rule- this CD is truly enchanting! I haven't seen it as marked especially towards Catholic children, which really surprises me! Not only is it chock full of traditional and religious Christmas songs, but it tells the … [Read more...]

Best Picture Books Of The Easter Story

I went on a quest to find the best picture books for kids that convey the true meaning of Easter for kids, and I want to share my findings with all of you! Even though these are reviews of these Easter picture books, no one payed me to write this and I purchased all the books with my own money, so this is not a skewed review- just me making some book suggestions to my friends. :-) I have … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas For Catholic Kids- And A Coupon Code!

Time for another round of "Lacy's Picks"! In these posts, I recommend Catholic children's products that I own, love, and recommend to my friends. These are not paid reviews. You can read more about Lacy's Picks and see my past recommended resources here. I meant to just concentrate on one product that I love at a time, but then Holy Heroes wrote and told me they would like to give Catholic … [Read more...]

Fun And Colorful Saint Book For Kids- Lacy’s Picks

I'm starting a new series called "Lacy's Picks" where I can feature kid products that are absolute favorites in our home. These are not paid reviews, but products that are my personal favorites that I recommend to my friends. Because that's how I like to think of ya'll - as friends. :-)  You can read more about Lacy's Picks here. Today I'm featuring a book I purchased for the kids for … [Read more...]

Great Stuff For Catholic Kids- Gift Ideas!

I wanted a place to share all of my favorite Catholic children's products with you, and here it is! Each item has a post about it, so you can scroll down and click for more information about things you're interested in. *NOTE* These are not paid reviews!!!! You cannot pay for your Catholic item to be featured as a "Lacy's Pick", they are only things that I (Lacy) personally pick and choose … [Read more...]